Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wendy Williams Breaks down. WHY??!

Wendy Williams breaks down! Why? Was it Guilt perhaps? I believe she was very saddened but not for the reason she stated, more like guilt. Wendy Williams, (The shock jock/TV Host) should use the God given blessings and gifts in a more positive light (She’s very talented and smart). Understand that when given that platform as an African American, there must be a consciousness and obligation to give everyone the best of you, and unfortunately, when it came to Whitney Houston she did not. As if we don’t have enough obstacles beating us down daily. Albeit, we must all make critical choices each day to make money some of us by any means necessary, some with integrity, some based on necessity or whatever reason but understand this; we all will give account to every word , action and choice we make and be ready to deal with the consequences, results and effects that follow. Maybe, and I don’t know for sure but perhaps Wendy, you felt a little guilt in joining with the many critics and people that took pleasure in someone else’s pain. You should really ask yourself that question that you ask your viewers each day “How you doing?” Sometimes hurting people hurt others and it is my wish that moving forward you will consciously come from a more positive place, you have arrived and you can take things in a different direction now. I hope that you will.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Praises Her Mother

Whitney Houston was always a child of God

Whitney Houston was a child of God, seduced by fame and fortune but in the end, the price is never worth it.    It is important, especially as children of God that we are ALL mindful that we have an adversary that desires to kill, still and destroy.  Therefore, we must be watchful and stay in the perfect will of God.  She was without a doubt, definitely his child and her last performance lets me know that she knew him, but the adversary had such a hold on her.   Jesus loves you Whitney!!! And I know that you loved him too.  You can rest in the Saviors arms now.  May God encamp his Angels around the Houston Family...

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