Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Called Principled Conservative Leader- Allen West, Who is this Cat???! And what do you think of him?!

I believe that the fiscal security of the United States is essential to long term prosperity. As your Congressman, I will curb out of control Government spending, I will work towards across the board tax cuts, and I will fight tirelessly to bring jobs back to South Florida. We must realize that American Exceptionalism depends on a strong and robust economy, which means that the fight begins here at home.

If we are serious about fixing our economy, then we must get back to basics. First, our tax code must be redefined. Second, we must understand that the true strength of our economy lies within small businesses, and as elected leaders in Congress, we have an obligation to support small business growth through tax cuts and incentives. Finally we need to challenge the status quo in Washington and stop the floodgates of government spending.   As your Congressman, I carry the torch of conservative, small government principles with me to Washington. You can rest assured your voice will be heard loud and clear while I proudly serve as a member of the House Committee on Small Business.

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