Monday, April 6, 2009

What do you think?

This is from one of my oldest friends. What do you think? SB

Black people are an intense people. Watch us in popular sports and we dominate; watch our church services - so much intensity & creativity. I had a conversation with a co-worker and we surmised that American Idol intentionally had to pick more white winners or Idol would have come to be dominated by Black folks - and who wants to see Blacks folks winning in open competition. A white early childhood instructor admitted to me that most people in her field knew that Black children at 3 or 4 years usually have better language & communication skills and better motor skills/muscle development; Black children are at the top of their class until 2nd grade; then bad upbringing, lack of motivation, laziness, shiftlessness from bad parenting diminish their lead steadily until 7th grade when we are probably the worst students in the country - and it goes downhill from there. I hate most Black conservatives, but as one Black conservative stated 'Black people in the US are at the bottom because we choose to be at the bottom' - there is some truth in that.

I held out for 20 years waiting on a good Sista, because I know the potential for greatness & happiness in our people; but eventually I had to get with a woman who chose to respect me & treat me nice rather than hoping that a Sista would finally decide to respect me as a man - you can't wait forever for things to change.

What’s up! I attended the Women of Color Conference this weekend, at U of I, in Champagne. I had the opportunity to hang out with some really cool young sisters. The conference addressed how we interact with one another, self Images, and relationships overall. Typically, women I’m around are between the ages of 38-60, that said; I’ve just not been around many young adults (21-35). Let me just say, I was extremely taken back by how they discussed and addressed the treatment of one another, their self-image, and their experiences. During and upon leaving the conference, I left knowing that some how, somewhere, we’ve failed them. Don’t get me wrong, the sisters are doing some amazing things, and the workshops were very interactive, and it gave me insight into what some of our young adults are dealing with. Apparently, I’ve had my head stuck in the sand; it was definitely an eye opener for me. Hearing you guys rant over some sisters, holds some truths,however, is it not the responsibility of each of us to somehow treat and teach our young sisters and young men the importance of loving self and others? I was taught as young girl that I was valued and special and if not to anyone else, but to the Ward Family. Knowing that, allowed me to love and also value others. I don’t have the answers, but for those of us that know better have failed our young. Let’s not go off into how terrible we are, but let’s began simply correcting our wrongs. Both my parents constantly drilled do’s and don’ts, and no, I can't argue that we are living in very different times, nevertheless, some things must not change…Our people need much help…Let’s stop making this about us and look at how we can help our young people. I left saddened… Cheech

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