Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jackie, Stephen B & Joe responds....

Hello beautiful,

I worked at WGCI for years as a announcer, and I started as Tom's afternoon producer. I know radio well, that's why I left it. Derrick Brown is right. Steve Harvey actually has more appeal in Chicago than Tom does. His radio career started in Chicago also. Combine that with his TV shows, movies and books, he has more face/name recognition with the demographic of WVAZ (35-54). Radio listeners aren't loyal. They won't fight for you, or switch the dial to a new station. Everything in radio has a shelf life, Tom's just expired. He had a great run. Stephen B


You know I like to stay silent on a few issues but this Tom Joyner hoopla makes me want to vent a little. Every now and then I would listen to the music on his show but soon as his talk portion came on I would turn. He and Anthony J Brown would talk "Playa this" and "Playa that" and spew anti family values to an audience where 70% of black children are born into single family households. Is that what we as a community need to solve our problems or was he merely reflecting (mocking) the current trend. I believe he should've projected something more positive that would have inspired us to reach higher rather than laughing at our sad current state of affairs. Also that stereotypical soap opera was like a step and fetch it program to me. Tom and his crew basically performed to the delight of his listeners and of course "The Man" and besides his college donations he showed no social responsibility to me.

History shows there has always been some people that can profit from our misery by making light/fun of us and our situations but in the end those who sacrifice their character and dignity for money will eventually lose. Until we learn to own our mediums (WVON) so we can decide the information we want to disperse we will be toys and pawns for those in power to use to amuse those who should be changing or mislead others and when they are done with them they will be thrown away also!

Joe Thanks Joe!!!!


What's up sweetie! Thx!

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