Monday, March 30, 2009

I Need Your Assistance

I Need Your Assistance to help me find sponsorships for our high school students. It costs $1000 to sponsor a student but due to hard economic times we will take what we can get.

During the past three years, the ACAP Chicago has grown from 13 students in 2005 to 40 students in 2008. Each year we receive over 100 applications. However due to funding constraints, we have only been able to accommodate 40 students. Each year we have successfully recruited and encouraged a significant number of students to pursue careers in the accounting and business professions. All students attending the programs have graduated from their respective high schools. Additionally, each year, we have awarded three (3) $1,000 academic scholarships to the participants to aid them with their college expenses.

There is a substantial cost associated in providing this educational program, which includes but is not limited to meals, housing, transportation and program materials. Your corporation or company can contribute to the success of the program by supporting an ACAP student. (See Attachments)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 773-457-2078

Tommie L. Williams, Comptroller

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