Monday, February 9, 2009

The Day before the Inauguration in DC

Photographers: Felicia Bowser, Renae Edwards-Cruz, & Cheryl Prater

Blog Reporter (Cheryl Prater) riding the Metro train to DC for pre-Inauguration viewing of area

Tourists exiting the train

Happy sign at Metro Station - LOVE ETC

Happy sign at Metro Station - SOUL

Shopping for souvenirs on Monday, the day before event

A vendor displaying his souvenirs

Washington Memorial in the midst of numerous port-a-toliets

Statue by Washington Memorial Inscription: "The Liberty of Worship is not a concession nor a privilege but an inherent right"

Baracades stop crowds from entering street by White House, tourist must stay on sidewalks

The White House

Obama supporters in front of the White House

An office building along the parade route

Security checking equipment

Special seating in the bleachers along the parade route

Protestors of Bush and Cheney (The President's face is made-up of skulls)

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