Friday, November 21, 2008

Leatha Patton

Words from Leatha. Thank You! Cheech

I went to your blog just minutes ago and, frankly, could not get past the first article because it was so preposterous that I could not believe what I was reading. The American people would rather have mediocrity because they are so very used to it, right? Am I actually reading that to speak in perfect, well structured sentences is incorrect or being a show off, and that we have succumbed to celebrating the past eight years of George W. Bushville as a hallmark? So I am to believe that now dumb is better, is that it?

Okay, and so...let's cite some of the problems that run roughshod over this country like scorched earth. I want to inject a sobering note and halt this train wreck. After enduring this country's longest, most grueling campaign (21 months), Barack Obama, because of his intellect, political shrewdness, a superior staff, and impeccable organizational skills (berated by his opponents, I might add), raised more money than any other campaign in this country's history, which enabled him to ascend to President-Elect, enabling him to become President of the United States of America on January 20, 2009. But let us not lose sight of the following facts: the country is on the brink of bankruptcy, in two (2) wars for which it currently spends $10 billion per month, is globally unpopular thanks to "W", homelessness abounds, health care is the pits, child hunger is approaching alarming rates, our jobs pay less, and other than our flailing automobile industry, we are at the mercy of products made any and everywhere. The list is long and I will stop there. And now, at last, at last, we have a Black man that we will soon address as Mr. President, and the complaint is that he's a show off and his speech is too grammatically correct? Huh? What?

Perhaps, just maybe, do you think this is why we are in such dire straights? Have we grown so accustomed to being in the ditch that deepens day by day that we can no longer see the sun and are are losing sight on what prosperity is all about? Do the American people want to continue to have parking lots (like in Santa Barbara) opened from late night to early morning so that the homeless can sleep in their cars? Do we want the rich to continue to prey on the American people? That act of Grand Theft (the $700 Billion Bailout at the expense of the taxpayers) was superb and, secondly, those in "high places" have dumbed us down, with the assistance of the news (faux) media, to the point that we actually believe the subprime lending scam is the fault of the American people. Not to elaborate at length, but just briefly, for the enlightenment of those unaware that this scam includes the following: hidden fees, padded fees, exorbitant ARMS (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) vicious and deliberate, repackaged loans, and the list goes on. Thousands of them were ominously calculated, written so that the victim (mortgagers) were destined for failure so that they could be repackaged and sold again. And now Wall Street, one of the prime orchestrators of this fiasco as they directing it from on high, together with all the other criminals, are attempting to blame the homeowners. Meanwhile, taxpayers are now stuck with bailing out the criminals, especially Wall Street. Furthermore, do the American people know that GMAC, the financial services group of GM, was also in on this? GM, whose CEO, separately, as did the other two, all in their corporate jets, flew to Washington a few days ago, hat in hand, begging for government dollars. As one of the senators said the other day to all the CEOs of the Big Three (Ford, GM, Chrysler), and he was not laughing: It is like showing up at a soup kitchen in top hat and a tuxedo. Please read the book "Plunder: Investigating our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal" by Danny Schechter which reveals this fact among countless others. Folks, the term he used constantly was complicit meaning criminal. However, I dare say, the American people are literally numb with ignorance because they do not read, get all their news from NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc., much to lazy to simply get involved and do their homework so that we discontinue our descent down this slippery slope. And now, and now, we want to judge being articulate as being a show off.

Now I am going to address my neck of the woods, the Black folks. Although I am proud of the fact that Obama won, cast my vote for him and even made donations, I do not want us to lose sight on the prize that should continuously remain part of our agenda so that we ultimately become a self-sustaining and independent people within this nation. Perhaps this feat achieved by Barack Obama can be the inspirational catalyst to move us a little closer to that goal because, for a start, an example of what a full sentence, grammatically correct with the verb, noun, adjective, etc., in place, is exactly what we need. Let us for once allow the majority society to backpedal, if they dare. For once, let us as a people not be derailed with no one steering the train or afloat with no one at the helm. I contend that we are people with strengths mostly unrealized and untapped. If the majority of the American people are clamoring for mediocrity, let them. It's time we are fully alert. Let's begin to also awaken that substantial number of us who are unfocused and willing to languish in a state of false euphoria while every other group is charting their course of action. We need to join them by also laying out an agenda of our demands. Obama received 95% of our vote, people. Did you know that the Jewish, Hispanic and Asian communities have already presented their demands to Obama even thought the Inauguration has yet to take place? Trust me, this is true. They listened carefully and they intend to have The Change We Can Believe In. And so, the singing, the tears, the applause, the chants and the voting, all of it is now over. I repeat, the election is over. We gave Obama 95% of our vote and cannot afford to simply be content that a Black man will sit in the Oval Office. Proof of this mindset is in the e-mails that I continuously receive that never utter one word about what comes next as if now we have arrived. I even received a calendar and thought it nice until I turned to view the last two pages. On every other page, Martin appeared, but now he was gone with only a picture of Obama remaining. To add insult, the last page read "Free at last, etc. Big, big mistake. I do not want us to be lulled asleep while each and every other ethnic group moves on and, as usual, leaves us behind with nothing but a good feeling.

As I have stated before to others, this ascension to the presidency is historical for Barack Obama's posterity (as the 44th president of the U.S.), inevitably impacting his family and his children, but remain mostly symbolic for the rest of us as an aspiration of future generations. Yes, the Obamas will live in the White House that our ancestors had a decisive hand in building. If not all, a lot of it. (They are now stating that even the immigrants were in on the construction of the White House!) I contend it is not called the White House without emphasis on who was to forever live there. I am sure some do not wish to hear this, but this accomplishment can be an inspirational stepping stone only if we use it as such. Listen up, everybody. We have not arrived, but are just a little closer to the prize by allowing this historical junctiure to become the corner stone for many future generations by continuously promoting excellence, hard work to move us from destabilization toward stabilization of our communities by STOPPING THE KILLING, the DRUGS, promoting higher education, quiet streets that are clean and orderly, and the list goes on.

Yes, beginning January 20th there will be a Black family in the White House. However, do not forget we will still live in our same houses, sleep in the same beds, go to the same jobs if we have a job at all, and life will go on as usual. Let us not lose sight on what is achievable, but only if we accept what has occurred as a giant step toward the bigger and brighter picture.

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