Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks Cheryl!!!

Very few of you know how special my paternal grandfather, who died in 1994, was to me -- he looked, walked, and talked like Fred Sanford :-).

I dont regret much of anything for reasons that I won't outline here, but one relative regret I have is that he did not live to see the armada movement towards this historical presidential election. So, today as I prepared to head for my early voting station, I decided to take him with me and my son, Micah.

I took his cane that he used to walk with - thankfully I didn't need to use it :-). I chuckled to myself as all three of us went to vote. I signed us in and we patiently waited in a ten person line.

As we got to the booth I had Micah to sit in the chair in fromt of the screen and vote - I stood behind him. It was just as important for him to experience the civil right moment as it was for me to create the moment. The touch screen machine is a 17-page document and it was about half way through that another proud moment came. It was there that I thought to "back-page" to page 1 and 'revote' (not to mention that Micah had accidentally selected the wrong appellate court judge). On the touch screen, to change your vote, you retouch your choice to get a fresh screen. I did so. But I stopped to reach over and grab Fred Sanford's walking stick, I hung it on the voting machine to the right and allowed him to vote for Barack Obama.

I know ya'll are trippin' on me, but it was a cool moment. For one, it conceptualized and contextualized all of this political hype for Micah and two, I was able to connect the past with the present and the very near future. I felt great. Please experience it. Take a picture, jewelry, piece of clothing, obituary, the spirit of an ancestor to vote...


"Our existence is sequestered by both the known and the unknown

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