Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you sure you are Registered To Vote?

Read the message below. I received it from a friend today. We need to follow up by calling the Chicago Board of Election Commission to ensure that we are registered! THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IS MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2008!!!

All Things In Time
Tommie L. Williams

Good afternoon family and friends,

Are you sure you are Registered To Vote? I went into the Chicago Board of Election Commission's website: to verify my registration status, and to my horror, the link for checking the status of my voter registration showed: "No Match."

I called the Election Commission (312) 269-7900, to determine the status of MY Registration, since I voted in January 2008, the last primary elections. Again, to my horror, I was told that my voter registration was "inactive" and that they did not have the last four (4) numbers of my Social Security Number. I was told that since I called, they could now reactive my voter registration by verifying my personal information (last 4 digits of my SS#).

Ralph also was told that he had to reactive his voter registration, which he did.

When Duane called, she was told that "someone" had challenged her voter registration, and that she would have to re-register.
What would have happened had she not called before November 4th? You guessed it!! Not permitted to vote on November 4th.

Your vote does count, but before you can vote, you MUST be registered. Take action! Check on the status of your voter or call (312) 269-7900 if you live in Chicago, or check for the phone number of your local Board of Election Commission if you live outside of Chicago. I will be registering persons to vote on Sunday, October 5th, immediately following morning worship service (approximately 12:30 pm) at my church, Metropolitan Community Church, 4610 S. Prairie, Chicago, IL. I can make myself available to register persons. Call me (773) 493-6676.

This is serious time, Make Your Voice Heard!


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