Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What are the Republicans up to now?

What are the Republicans up to now? The Presidential election is beginning to resemble the farce of an election held in Illinois when Barack Obama ran for the Senate. If you recall Alan Keyes, who is a bona fide buffoon, was brought in from Baltimore to represent the Republican ticket. They would not run a white candidate. Now you have John Mc Cain who was struggling in the primary and all of a sudden his campaign was revitalized and he and he went on to beat a field of candidates who in my opinion were much more qualified. And what does he do, pick a VP running mate from Alaska with no experience. A woman who has served less than 2 years as Governor of Alaska and is a former mayor of a small town of less than 10,000 population. He couldn't find a with more qualifications? Especially if he was trying to attract Hillary's female supporters. For certain there are women in Congress who have better credentials. And what about Condoleesa Rice, who I think would have been a more formidable choice if they were serious. Why not a white male as a running mate? What are they really up to or are they throwing in the towel?


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