Monday, September 8, 2008


hate to point fingers at the Media, but why is it that the Media speaks about the results of polls as if they reflect the voice of the American Public when the polls only reflect the opinions of approximately 1,000 persons that have been interviewed, with a +/- error rate?

The number of people polled are always reflected in print media, but are never shared during the Media's verbal (televised) descriptions of poll results. The Media's verbal description of the polls always give the impression that one party is winning (57%) and the other party is not (32%) with the undecided voters bringing up the rear (11%).

I would feel comfortable with the poll results if the sample population were larger (i.e.,100,000 plus, but not at 1,000 or less).

When do we get to the point where the Media gives full disclosure about the polls (i.e., they state how many people are interviewed for each poll and reflect those numbers, not only in their print, but in their verbal reports)?

So let's keep our wits about us and not get excited about the polls as they do not reflect reality. So, before you say, "But the Polls said. . .," check the number of people sampled.


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