Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anonymous"Lacy Thomas Update:":

Mr. Williams,
You are either ignorant, part of the scams set up by Thomas, or both. I witnessed first hand his unethical and egregious misuse of power and county funds. Regarding your use of the "race card", get over it. If anyone at UMC or the county were racist, they would never have hired him in the first place. The hospital was losing money far beyond the budgeted amount, so like a little kid, he tried to hide it from the county. He hired "buddies" due to the kickback arrangements he secured and then fired the honest people at the hospital who called him on these and other wrongdoings. And here you are defending him? You should be investigated next!


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You are entitled to your opinion as I am. Who made you the judge and jury? If you feel so strongly about this why don't you have the courage to identify who you are. Furthermore to suggest that I should be investigated because I support my friend tells me that with you for a friend I wouldn't have the need for enemies. Finally there is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Glad you are not my friend!

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