Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lillian, Leatha Responds.......

Explain exactly what is a pure-bred "brother". Most American blacks can only trace their African roots through their mother's DNA, NOT their father's because this will lead them back to Europe. As a matter of fact, I only know one that can trace ALL of their roots back to Africa and that is Isaiah Washington whose roots are in Sierra Leone. (He revealed this not too long ago.) So I think we as a people need to discard the notion that our experiences are so very different from Barack Obama whose father was from Kenya, formerly a colonized people. Never forget that each and every country in Africa was colonized except for Liberia and Ethiopia. Our African brothers succumbed to neo-slavery. I could go on and on, but I think the message is loud and clear.Lastly, the One Drop Rule still applies and that is why he is called an AFRICAN American--not necessarily because his father is from Africa, but because he is still considered a black man AND if he walked down the street as an ordinary citizen, unidentified without all his recent recognition, he could be stopped, harassed, beaten, and jailed by the police as our brothers routinely are.

Thanks Leatha..

To whom much is given, much is required!
An older white guy asked his older Black friend, 'Are you voting for
Barack Obama just because he's Black'? So the older Black guy fires back
and says, 'Are you not voting for him because he's Black?

Why can't I vote for him just cause he's Black? Hell, in this country
men are pulled over everyday just cause they're Black, passed over for
promotions just cause they're Black, considered to be criminals just
cause they're Black, but you don't seem to have a problem with that!!!

This country was built with the sweat and the slaves back!
and now a descendent of those same slaves has a chance to lead the same
country where we weren't even considered to be people!!

Where we weren't allowed to be educated, drink from the same water
fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote, so you damn right
I'm going to vote for him! Not just because he's black......

But because he is hope, he is change, and he now allows me to believe
when my grandson says he wants to be president when he grows up, it is
not a fairy tale but an achievable goal,

Because he sees, understand, and knows, he can achieve, withstand, and
anything just because he's Black!
Unknown Author

Friday, August 29, 2008

What do you know about Sarah Palin the Conservative?

Born in Idaho, she is a longtime Alaskan since 1964 and Protestant.
She graduated in 1987, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications-Journalism from the University of Idaho.She was Mayor and a City Council member of Wasilla, Alaska and Chairman of the State oil and Gas Conservations Commission, Palin made her name for backing tough ethical standards for politicians. Sarah Palin is serving her first term as Alaska’s Governor She was a small town mayor,She has a reputation of being a outsider

Lillian Ask?

If Barack Obama had not been an African American with a mixed ethnic background do you think that white American would have been or will continue to be so accepting of him? I would love to hear your responses. It is a given that he is heavily educated and all of that, but if he had been a pure breed brother would he have garnered such support from other communities. Let me hear from you...Lillian C. Frazier...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Quote for the day:

'Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply. If you give her
sperm, she'll give you a baby.

If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her

groceries, she'll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and

enlarges what is given to her.'
So - if you give her crap, you will receive a bucket full of shi -- . . .
Love and appreciate all the women in your life.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama came off as sincere and her speech was touching....

Contiune to keep the Obama Family in your prayers. Cheech

Lillian C. Frazier


It is truly a privilege to have the opportunity to share with the “community” via the information highway.

I have been blessed to have found my soul mate of whom I have spent the past 20 years with and also to have the blessing of children bestowed into my life. My children ages 13, 8 and 5 are truly the light of my life, and nothing is more important to me than my family.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend my family reunion for my mother’s side of the family. I haven’t seen my family in a couple of years, and it was very exciting and healing to see the family together.

After speaking with my old known cousins, I had the opportunity to meet some of my new cousins via marriage. When all of the meeting and greeting had concluded, I took a moment to sit down and just look at the generations of hard work and achievement that lay before me. After reflecting on the accomplishments that were the successors of former slaves, farmers, and all other types of laborer it hit me. You are probably saying what hit you? The face of the black family had changed. True enough the black family is no longer pure and is mixed with the blood of slaves and slave owners, but this was a very present face that was very different.

In every family there is that “one” that my have married or had a relationship outside the race. In my family I can name ten of my relatives that married Caucasians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Polish Americans. This is something that has become the norm in my family, and I can bet that this is the case in most “black” families. The face of our family has changed. It is no longer just fair complexioned blacks in our family, but the new look of the “black” family is now inclusive of all races.

Let us take a look at our Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. Mr. Obama is a man who is truly African-American. His mother was from Kansas and his father from Kenya. Our presidential hopeful has half brothers and sisters, and their ethnic background is inclusive of Indonesian and Caucasian. This is the look of the new “black” family. It isn’t as special now as it was in years past, but I don’t think that we have really looked at how our families are expanding.

In this expansion of our families we still have miles to go in understanding each others cultures and diversity. At the close of our family reunion, my father requested that the family come together as he offered a word of prayer. All of the “black” looking people participated in the prayer, while the non-black people looked on as if the prayer was a spectator sport.

Religion has been the base of the “black” family and obviously this was something that couldn’t be understood by the new black family. Separate but equal…..maybe. I am all for love amongst all races, and sharing that love through the institution of marriage. However, I don’t like that we are separate in our families when it comes to certain activities. If we are “one” we need to be one across the board. Don’t get me wrong, religion is a choice, but if you are one that practices religion - prayer can be shared and offered to who you acknowledge as God.

The face of the new black family has some challenges ahead. I don’t know if we have acknowledged these challenges or even if we are aware of them. I have seen the face of the new black family and it has the possibility of being beautiful, but currently it is in the stage of a makeover and it is a makeover that is definitely going to take some time.

“Silence is a sin. Your voice is a blessing, so let it be heard loud and clear.”

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kimberly Woods

The photo with him holding not one but 2 guns and comments attached to it should be all over the media. They should follow every lie about how much of a good boy he was and how he never had a gun. These idiots openly brag about "dem bangers" and how they are from the "murder capitol". When can we start using Youtube and MySpace et al... in court against these idiots. Lets just say that this dummy had lived; would an ASA have been smart enough to introduce this into the trial; probably not. This liberal crap is enough to make me consider going to the other side; Republican. After Obama is president of course :-).

Officer Boyd

Black Police Officers deal with knowing that the majority of instances when Police shoot Black Offenders is justified. That bothers us, but we know that there are too many Black parents that simply don't raise their children. Black Officers know that as soon as he has to kill that Offender his own Black community will cry racism, and accuse the Police of planting guns, drugs, and whatever else that will help with the family's lawsuit. Excepting responsibility for our lack of parenting is not something many Blacks do. This battle cry is usually lead by some opportunistic Reverend, like Meeks. The Ghetto element cares more about getting financial restitution from the city than it does about raising their children. Here is a prime example of how the "family" and "friends" comment on the Police and lie to the media about how good the criminal was. I refuse to call anyone who tried to kill a Cop and got shot Police a victim. Check the link showing the photos of the "good kid" at the end.


A teenager was shot to death on the South Side by a Chicago police officer on Friday night after a confrontation, police said. Martinez Winford, 16, was shot about 7:45 p.m., police said, and taken to Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, where he was pronounced dead at 8:34 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Winford was a student at Bloom Trail High School in Chicago Heights and was father of an infant, said his cousin, Frederick Arnold. "He was a good kid . . . he just needed a little guidance," Arnold said. "He fell behind the wrong crowd and he just did some wrong things. But we all make mistakes, and he didn't deserve for the Chicago police to take his life. He didn't deserve it . . . he was just a regular kid."

Arnold drove to the scene of the shooting on Saturday to see it for himself.

Although police said they found a gun nearby, Arnold said Winford was not known to carry a weapon.

Police sources said Winford had a juvenile record that included drug, reckless conduct and assault offenses.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I remember several years ago, WGCI used to run commercials featuring motivational speaker Les Brown. He was trying to get Black folks to see value in Black life. He would repeat "Black life does have value!'
I'm here to tell you that Black life only has value to the Black people that recognize it. Those of us who do recognize it usually aren't the ones doing all the killing.


The Chicago Public Schools

The Chicago Public Schools have beefed up security at some of its most troubled schools, improving emergency procedures, and adding security personnel and surveillance cameras.
School officials said Monday the new measures are being implemented in the wake of 26 students being killed during the last school year.
How many of these "honor roll" students were killed on school grounds during school hours or at a school event?
I can think of the one from Crane at dismissal. The cop's son died protecting another student on the bus.
There might be a few more, but not many. The vast majority of the "students" killed were out after curfew, out slinging dope, or out gang banging. How about advertising that fact CPS, media, and politicians?


Tuesday, August 19, 2008



You have some of the most interesting articles, i.e., IS SHE DEAD!!!... re the strong black woman. Whoever penned that one should be commended because the writing style is superb. Secondly, I agree with you. I consider myself a strong black woman who is, thus far, very much alive!!

The website is getting better each and every time I visit it. You deserve kudos and a round of applause.


I have been silent but I do like the sad but true piece about the Black Woman. Although our situations shape our lives and destinies nothing impacts it more than our choices. Our bad choices are influenced by our Miseducation or total lack of both formal (schools) and informal (upbringing). But like a computer's bad virus that resists anti virus treatments our Miseducation makes us reject anything that logical to insure its proliferation.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

AIDS finds a hidden niche in Georgia

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

HIV/AIDS has assumed a new face in Georgia.

It is younger and more rural, more likely to be black or female.
• Seventy-nine percent of Georgians diagnosed with HIV in 2006 were African-American.

• 32,740 Georgians are living with HIV/AIDS as of 2007. That represents a 27 percent increase since 2004.

• One-third of those diagnosed with HIV in 2006 were ages 20 to 29.

Source: Georgia Division of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

AIDS finds a hidden niche in Georgia

Old messages geared to urban, white, gay men simply don’t resonate with many African-American and rural people, advocates say.

That worries the advocates.

The inability to reach those groups “is really a threat to everyone’s well-being,” said Clarence Reynolds, spokesman for AID Atlanta, the largest AIDS service organization in the Southeast. He said people who do not receive services and safe-sex counseling are more likely to spread the virus.

The number of Georgians living with HIV/AIDS jumped almost 27 percent from 2004 to 2007, to 32,740, reports the state Division of Public Health. The number of deaths has leveled off, as stronger drugs have allowed infected people to live longer.

Stigma for gays in rural and black communities, has often kept the issue out of churches and schools, advocates say.

An “unholy trinity” of silence, shame and stigma prevents many African-Americans from getting tested for the virus, said the Rev. Raphael Warnock, senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Hartsel Shirley has felt that stigma firsthand. The 39-year-old southwest Atlantan was diagnosed with HIV years ago but a fear of being exposed kept him from seeking care, he said.

“If you’re black and a gay man, you’re not even looked at as a man,” Shirley said. “If you have HIV, you’re almost not human.”

By 2006, 71 percent of those living with HIV/AIDS in Georgia were black, although African-Americans are about 30 percent of the state’s population, according to state figures. Seventy-nine percent of Georgians diagnosed with HIV that year were African-American.

Rural and other areas outside metro Atlanta often have HIV/AIDS prejudice.

Frank Tant, who grew up in Rome, said his parents asked him to move out when, at 19, he told them he was gay. He has since moved back to Rome and sees better treatment of gay people.

He’s gotten overwhelming support since sharing his story in the local newspaper. “People in Rome think of me as Mr. HIV,” the 48-year-old said.

Lola Thomas, executive director of the AIDS Alliance of Northwest Georgia, said reaching gay men in rural areas, where they have few public gathering places, has proved so difficult that she all but gave up trying.

“We’ve stayed away from gay and bisexual men. They’re much more difficult to target,” Thomas said.

Instead, the Cartersville nonprofit has focused on emergency assistance, financial help, transportation and counseling for clients.

Frustrations abound, as mirrored in several recent national reports.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a revised estimate this month that 56,000 people nationally were newly infected with HIV in 2006, 40 percent more than previously estimated.

A report by the Southern AIDS Coalition said inadequate health care for HIV/AIDS patients in the rural South is a regional catastrophe. The Black AIDS Institute said if black America were a country, it would rank 16th in the world in the number of people with the virus.

Health officials are particularly concerned about the number of young people being infected. Many came of age after the AIDS ravages of the 1980s and early 1990s. As more effective drugs helped reduce the death rate, many young people saw it as a manageable illness rather than a death sentence, activists said.

“They see the drugs as a cure,” said Cathalene Teahan, president of the Georgia AIDS Coalition.

In Georgia, one-third of newly diagnosed HIV cases in 2006 were among 20-29 year olds, according to the state public health division.

Teahan said reaching young people in schools has been difficult since so much sex education in Georgia is abstinence centered.

“No one can use the word condom now,” she said.

But Bruce Cook, whose Atlanta company Choosing the Best provides abstinence-centered education materials to Georgia schools, said such instruction can be effective in leading young people to make the right decisions.

“The only way you eliminate risk is abstinence,” Cook said. “Condoms do break and they do slip off.”

The majority of HIV/AIDS cases still occur in metro Atlanta, where advocates say they see more women, particularly African-American women, with the virus.

Dazon Dixon Diallo, executive director of SisterLove, said her group has seen success by addressing the broader economic and relationship issues in many of these women’s lives.

“Ignoring women, young people of color, people in rural areas — we have done them a disservice,” said Diallo, whose Atlanta nonprofit works with African-American women.

Freda Jones got HIV from sex with a man she didn’t know had the virus. When she was diagnosed, the hairstylist did not tell her customers for years, afraid they would abandon her.

She said she pushed her boyfriend to get tested and he was positive, but he went into denial and refused care. It broke up their relationship.

She is now a peer counselor for people with HIV.

“It made me grow up,” she said. “I thought it couldn’t happen to me.”

Meanwhile, some advocates say the response of state and local governments has been inadequate. The state has done little to provide leadership and coordinate prevention efforts, advocates say.

“It is a disorganized mess,” said Kathie Hiers, community co-charwoman of the Southern AIDS Coalition.

Among rural county and municipal governments, HIV/AIDS “is not even on the radar,” said Thomas, with the AIDS Alliance. “Most government people here see it as a city problem.”

The state appointed a new HIV unit director a few months ago, and Raphael Holloway acknowledged that the agency needs to do better at reaching out to community advocates. At the same time, he said increasing services would be difficult at a time of budget cuts.

Still, state officials say they are making progress, increasing testing and working with community leaders to craft a comprehensive plan for the prevention of HIV in urban and rural areas.

But advocates say there’s a long way to go. Thomas said many of the men who come to her Cartersville office to get tested worry they’ll be seen and identified.

“Some are shaking in their boots,” she said, “and practically wearing disguises.”CRAIG SCHNEIDER / cschneider@ajc

Hartsel Shirley, 39 of southwest Atlanta, was hesitant to seek treatment for HIV because of the stigma associated with the virus. Enlarge this image

CRAIG SCHNEIDER / cschneider@ajc

Freda Jones, of Atlanta, was a hairstylist when she was diagnosed and was reluctant to tell her customers. She’s now a peer counselor for people with HIV.Enlarge this image

CRAIG SCHNEIDER / cschneider@ajc

Frank Tant, 48, of Rome has HIV. He’s gotten overwhelming support since sharing his story in the local newspaper.HIV/AIDS IN GEORGIA
• Georgia has the eighth highest AIDS rate in the nation, as of 2006.MORE INFORMATION
• AID Atlanta: 404-870-7700
• AIDS Survival Project: 404-527-3621
• AIDS Alliance of Northwest Georgia: > Health

Staff researcher Sharon Gaus contributed to this article.
More on

Monday, August 11, 2008

IS SHE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While struggling with the reality of being a human instead of a myth, the strong black woman passed away.  Medical sources say she died of natural causes, but those who knew her know she died from being silent when she should have been screaming, smiling when she should have been raging, from being sick and not wanting anyone to know because her pain might inconvenience them.  She died from an overdose of other people clinging to her when she didn't even have energy for herself.  SCROLL DOWN...
She died from loving men who didn't love themselves and could only offer her a crippled reflection.  She died from raising children alone. She died from the lies her grandmother told her mother and her mother told her about life, men & racism.  She died from being sexually abused as a child and having to take that truth everywhere she went every day of her life, exchanging the humiliation for guilt and back again.
 She died from asphyxiation, from secrets she kept trying to burn away instead of allowing herself the kind of nervous breakdown she was entitled to, but only white girls could afford.  She died from being responsible, because she was the last rung on the ladder and there was no one under her she could dump on.  The strong black woman is dead.
She died from being dragged down and sat upon by un-evolved women posing as sisters and friends. She died from tolerating Mr. Pitiful, just to have a man around the house. She died from sacrificing herself for everybody and everything when what she really wanted to do was be a singer, a dancer, or some magnificent other.  She died from lies of omission because she didn't want to bring the black man down.
She died from myths that would not allow her to show weakness without being chastised by the lazy and hazy.  She died from hiding her real feelings until they became hard and bitter enough to invade her womb and breasts like angry tumors.  She died from never being enough of what men wanted, or being too much for the men she wanted.  She died from being too black and died again for not being black enough.
She died from being misinformed about her mind, her body & the extent of her royal capabilities.  She died from knees pressed too close together because respect was never part of the foreplay that was being shoved at her.  And sometimes when she refused to die, when she just refused to give in she was killed by the lethal images of blonde hair, blue eyes and flat butts, being rejected by the OJ.'s, the Quincy's, the Cuba's & the Kobe's.  
Sometimes, she was stomped to death by racism & sexism, executed by hi-tech ignorance while she carried the family in her belly, the community on her head, and the race on her back!
The strong black woman is dead! Or is she?

I know I'm not!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mr. Williams Responds....

You are entitled to your opinion as I am. Who made you the judge and jury? If you feel so strongly about this why don't you have the courage to identify who you are. Furthermore to suggest that I should be investigated because I support my friend tells me that with you for a friend I wouldn't have the need for enemies. Finally there is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Glad you are not my friend!

We get it......

The Infamous Anonymous……. It’s very clear that your views, opinion and experiences with Mr. Thomas are somewhat flagrant and extreme. We would never add or take from your experiences at UMC with Mr. Thomas. Your experiences are just that, yours.
In that same breath, you could never take from those of us that respect, love and support him. Lacy has been a friend and colleague to so many here in the Chicago area,and we will never forget who we have known him to be. Presupposing and dogmatic, you are.... and that's ok, you’re entitled. Once again, we will continue to support our dear friend Lacy. Please know that your views and comments are always welcomed.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anonymous"Lacy Thomas Update:":

Mr. Williams,
You are either ignorant, part of the scams set up by Thomas, or both. I witnessed first hand his unethical and egregious misuse of power and county funds. Regarding your use of the "race card", get over it. If anyone at UMC or the county were racist, they would never have hired him in the first place. The hospital was losing money far beyond the budgeted amount, so like a little kid, he tried to hide it from the county. He hired "buddies" due to the kickback arrangements he secured and then fired the honest people at the hospital who called him on these and other wrongdoings. And here you are defending him? You should be investigated next!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger eliminated thousands of Jobs

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - With California's cash dwindling and legislators still debating a new budget, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger eliminated thousands of part-time and temporary state jobs Thursday and ordered that 200,000 state workers receive the federal minimum wage.


His move had been expected since last week but starkly illustrated the cash problem facing the nation's most populous state. Schwarzenegger apologized to state workers but said he had no choice.

"Today I am exercising my executive authority to avoid a full-blown crisis and keep our state moving forward," Schwarzenegger said. "This is not an action I take lightly."

The moves could save hundreds of millions of dollars a month, but whether full-time employees' paychecks will be cut is in doubt because the state controller, who cuts the checks, has said he will not comply with it.

Lawmakers have yet to agree on a spending plan a month after the state's fiscal year began.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are divided over how to close a $15.2 billion deficit, with Democrats favoring $8.2 billion in new taxes on corporations and the wealthiest residents. Republicans want a spending cap and oppose tax increases.

Adding to the crisis was an unprecedented wildfire outbreak that cost far more for emergency response than the state had budgeted.

As of June, more than 30 states faced deficits totaling a projected $40 billion, or more than triple the gap of the previous year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

California is the last state with a fiscal year that begins July 1 that still does not have a budget. It is facing a $15.2 billion deficit, dwarfing that of all other states. The next highest at the start of the fiscal year was New York's, at $5.2 billion.

Schwarzenegger's cuts exempt public safety agencies such as police and fire departments and prisons but will have an immediate effect everywhere else. Hiring, overtime and contracting will be halted, and tens of thousands of employees will feel the squeeze.

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, a Democrat, said she was disappointed with the decision to defer the pay of full-time employees until a budget is signed.

"It is an unwise and unfortunate move to cause economic strife to public servants and their families who are working hard and playing by the rules," she said in a statement.

Bass said she hoped a new spending plan would be offered to Schwarzenegger "in the next few days."

Tiffany Woodruff, 28, works part-time at the state Employment Training Panel, which provides training to those who are out of work. She was expecting a pink slip Thursday afternoon and said she and other employees feel like pawns in the budget fight.

"We're just completely upset with having your salary completely abolished because of the inaction of the Legislature and the political inaction here," she said.

Schwarzenegger's executive order eliminating jobs covers 22,000 retired state employees who work under contract, temporary and part-time workers such as those who fill in at the Department of Motor Vehicles, seasonal employees and student assistants. But Schwarzenegger's finance team said just 10,300 would receive pink slips immediately. The others might be exempted because their jobs are deemed crucial to public safety.

Schwarzenegger also cited a 2003 California Supreme Court ruling allowing him to slash the pay of regular full-time employees when the state lacks a budget. By law, those workers must be paid at least the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour and will be reimbursed once a budget is approved.

Department heads were ordered to develop a list of exempt employees by Friday.

The first paycheck to be affected by the minimum wage order would be in early September, but state Controller John Chiang, a Democrat, sent a letter to Schwarzenegger on Thursday saying he will defy the order and issue employees their regular paychecks.

He said the executive order was based on "faulty legal and factual premises." Chiang said the 2003 ruling did not specify the amount of the salary his office could pay state employees during a budget impasse.

The controller and the Republican administration also differ over the state's financial condition. Chiang maintains that California has enough money to meet all its expenses through September.

As Schwarzenegger left the news conference to return to his office, a man in the hallway of the Capitol began shouting at him "no, no" and saying the cuts were unfair. He was quickly surrounded by California Highway Patrol officers and taken away.

Officer Keith Troy said the man was detained for protesting without a permit and escorted out of the Capitol; he was released without charges when officers determined he posed no threat. Troy said he did not have the man's name.

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