Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Den, remember I predicted this months ago. The Police are tired of being targets of people in our community that do nothing but blame the Police for everything, and then get the Fake-ass reverends to try to get Officers in trouble. Officers are laying down, and giving all of the protestors what they are asking for. Officers have to protect themselves and their families from the very people they are supposed to serve. Weis was brought in to go after Cops, all Cops. Recently, he jumped out of his shiny new black tahoe and helped an Officer make an arrest. After the arrestee found out who he was, she filed a complaint against him and all of the Officers for false arrest and excessive force. She of course will sue, and the city will automatically give her a small payout ($5,000 to $15,000). He is now starting to see just how crazy the Black folks in this city are. The numbers of false complaints against Police Officers is astounding. From wrongful shootings, excessive force, to false arrests, the working Police have had enough. The "Element" knows how to play the law abiding citizens against the Police in order to get what it wants. It's impossible to fight crime when the City neuters it's Officers. People would rather blame the Police for everything instead of raising their children. It's sad, but the Black community asked for it, now they have it.

The alderman recited a string of statistics that Weis did not challenge. Compared to this time last year, Chicago has had 28 more homicides, 2,626 more gang disturbances, 1,210 more reports of a person with a gun, 7,136 more reports of shots fired and 473 more reports of narcotics sales.
With crime indicators headed upward, police should be more aggressive, but the opposite has occurred. Gang loitering interventions are down 1,163, narcotics loitering interventions have dropped 2,329, and police have taken 500 fewer guns off Chicago streets.
Carothers (29th) called it "de-policing," a condition that exists when officers "stop doing their jobs" because they're afraid nobody has their back.
Afraid? Not afraid Ike, but verified time and time again by evidence before our very eyes. You want to back the purveyors of the cult of victimhood? Fine, but most cops aren't going to step up and become victims themselves. We're kind of fond of our houses, our cars, the lifestyle we can afford to provide our families even in the face of you, Corp Counsel and the City Council handing out our tax dollars to assholes that never would have earned a tenth of that money in the real world doing honest work. Congratulations on getting the police you asked for. Now excuse us while we go do a little more de-policing. Those event numbers won't generate themselves you know.


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