Friday, July 18, 2008

Hasselbeck Cries Over Use of the N-Word

Stephen responds to Hasselbeck:

As usual, your blog is excellent! I saw clips of the show. I believe that the n word should be as close to eradicated as humanly possible. To many Blacks, the n word was the last thing they heard before they were murdered, raped, and assaulted. Think about the ordeal that Emmit Till went through. Think about the Black women that had their unborn babies cut from their wounds and then killed in front of them! You don't think that word was being used?!? Too many Blacks, that was the last word they heard before they departed this life. To continue to use that word, and then defend it, shows a lack of one's own cultural sensitivity, pride and knowledge.
What's up Stephen B.? Great point! We need to stop using it...Cheech

View Host Woopie and Elisabeth go at it. Elisabeth has always been--- how can I put this unaffected, ingenous,plain, artless,innocent,untrained contrified, callow ,jejune,unschooled,ignorant. To sum it all up Naive. Cheech...

(July 17) - 'View' co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't like when black people use the n-word, and cried while trying to explain why, reports.
While discussing Jesse Jackson's alleged utterance of the word, the conservative white-host said that no one should be able to say it because "it perpetuates stereotypes and hate."

Whoopi Goldberg countered her table-mate's argument and said, "We use it the way we want to use it."
Goldberg then became upset when Hasselbeck claimed that they both live in "the same world," and the Oscar-winning actress let her know.
"We do live in different worlds. You don't understand," Whoopi emphasized.
'View' denmother Barbara Walters also chastised Hasselbeck during the discussion.
"You're not listening, you're just talking," she remarked.
The denouement of the conversation came when Hasselbeck burst out in tears asking, "How are we supposed to move forward if we keep using words that bring back that pain?"

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