Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black Misery is...

"...when you heard on the radio that the neighborhood you live in is a slum but you always thought it was home" ~ Langston Hughes from his book black misery.

Below are opinions of others on black misery shared with Langston Hughes

"...watching African Americans/Negro's ETC continue to greet each other with "whassup my nigga" ~B. Banner

...when your car costs more than what you make a year, and you have no concept of the term "Equity". ~ A. McBride

"...always talking about how we have to reclaim our youth, and yet we sit motionless, tight-lipped, with cast down eyes while they curse and scream at the top of their lungs, disrespecting old and young alike, because just like everybody else we fear them." ~D. Dorce

"...Black folks represent 48 percent of the reported cases of AIDS in the United States and represent only 13 percent of the population in the United States" ~Neecee

"...when I see our "Natural Conscious" Brothas & Sistas locked and wrapped tight, speaking about the plight of our cause. With nicotine and alcohol dangling from their hands. Talking the talk but not walking the walk." ~RJ Haynes

"...Having to listen to an individual that is obviously intellectually challenged, who also will not allow you to get a word in because they are afraid you will discover their plight.

"...when our elders fear their own creation, their children..." ~S. Neil

"...putting a white face to an educated voice, only to realize they are black, but kicking yourself on the inside for your first assumption" ~Gabrielle Johnson,

"...not realizing that you can be colored and corporate." ~ Forest, Colette,

" matter how many educational, professional and financial accomplishments we achieve, always having to prove to the advertising community that we all don't live for the 15th or 30th of the month, collect food stamps, live in the projects and use "be" as a verb" ~

"...the assumption that because you're black, you are an authority on gang violence, drugs and poverty."~ Camille Gardner

"...not recognizing your ancestors for the heros they were. Not the slaves, but the slaves who fought, bought and escaped their way to freedom. The ones who didn't adapt, but sought freedom. The proud kings and queens who refused to belong to anyone else." ~ Diana Carmona

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