Thursday, May 1, 2008

How we got here


First of all, let’s be clear - if anyone thought the power structure of the United States was going to rollover and let the Obama Forces coup the Oval Office under the banner of Hope and Change, they were deluded.

This is war.

So then, what are the seven calculations of warfare that must be considered?

1. Whose government is able to establish a moral cause and gain the whole people’s enthusiastic cooperation?

2. Whose generals are most capable?
3. Who can take advantage of the benefits of heaven and earth?
4. Whose orders will be carried out most successfully?
5. Whose army is the strongest?
6. Whose troops have the best training?
7. Which army’s rewards and punishments are fairest and strictest?

The answers to these questions and reliance on the principle, “know thyself, know thine enemy” help to determine success in waged war. Barack, and his enemies, knew that Reverend Wright was a liability because he did not embody the submissive, emasculated, harmless Christian pastor that would make White people comfortable. In fact, even with all of his learning that usually tames racial self-interest, he could be described as downright rebellious. Last year, Reverend Wright himself predicted an inevitable split between he and Barack. He spoke it out loud, Barack concurred, and it was printed in the New York Times - “If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Mr. Wright said with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.” Read full article from April 3, 2007

While Barack campaigned as a uniting force, the enemy knew that his close association to Reverend Wright, who personified the Angry Black Man, would severely damage Barack’s chances. Wondering if Barack secretly harbored Reverend Wright’s views is a risk most Whites, even very liberal ones, would not be willing to take. It was only a matter of time before the Reverend Wright situation would be played out.

The greatest fear of White Americans is that somehow, someway, Blacks would exact revenge, or even pursue real Justice, for the harm done to them for over 400 years so the fight for the White House by a Black man is nothing short of war. And the United States, like every militia, realizes that winning a war hinges on two vital necessities. First, the psychological convincing of civilians, and second, the strategic physical conflict. In short, propaganda and guns, and in this case, propaganda and votes. No matter how small or large the army, it is the mental capabilities of the commander that determines success.

All of the great battles attest to this conclusion. Some worthy of study are the Vietnam War, Hitler’s rise, Fidel Castro’s guerrilla takeover of Cuba, the War in Iraq, and the Crusades. Print media such as pamphlets, newsletters, and newspapers have been dropped by helicopter into civilian territories. Television, radio, movies, sound bytes, and news programs, do the same thing. The Bible itself was used as propaganda by Constantine, slave catchers, missionaries, and slave owners. Even the enemies of Jesus included the scribes. Otherwise, censorship would not have been such a huge issue in all civilizations, including America. Propaganda furthers the goal of psychologically convincing civilians that “this is for your own good and we’re only here to help” before armed takeovers.

Sean Hannity’s relentless harboring on “The Real Barack Obama” did not fall on deaf ears. He was rallying the troops against Barack and his pastor until the other news networks finally took the bait. This is one area about Whites that Blacks could take a lesson - even if every one of their groups disagree on tactics or principles, they work in tandem to further their objectives as a race.

The civilians happily feed from the main stream media and have not cared to know anything about the Black church, Black existence, or Black struggles. That is, until Barack Obama. Even Barack’s supporters were taken aback by their cluelessness in Black issues. They too were shocked in hearing sound bytes of Reverend Wright. Isn’t the Matrix grand? Who cares if it is all a hoax? Just hug me, kiss me, and tell me lies.

The “Farrakhan Test” is an easy one for them. In conversation, they regurgitate news commentators with phrases like, “he’s a hater, he’s anti-American, he’s an anti-Semite.” But, how could this crazed Reverend Wright on the video loop be our Beloved Barack’s pastor? The diehard Barack supporters who investigated further realized the job the mainstream media has been doing on Black folks since it began.

While we write and complain to the mainstream media about their inaccurate accounts of us, we should keep in mind their objective. Why waste anger and effort when they are doing what they are designed to do? Why not create institutions that further our own objectives?

A caller on WVON’s Cliff Kelly’s show said that, “we need to sound the alarm.” The alarm, dear caller, was sounded in 1965 with the release of Message to the Blackman. But, because the media had stigmatized Elijah Muhammad, Blacks turned him off and refused to listen. We didn’t know we could find value in something different while not agreeing on every point so we threw the baby out with the bath water. And, what happened?

We integrated and got what? We had our own media and now have what? We heard our music take a depraved turn and did what? We had our own movie houses and now have what? We had our own businesses and now have what? We have a Black candidate for president and he had to do what? We have thousands of Black churches and they do what? Alas, the message Do for Self was lost and we are now paying the price.

Barack has now shed the baggage of major names in the Black community. He already maintained distance from Jesse and Al and now, he and Reverend Wright have parted. He even went further on Farrakhan by saying that the only man who called two million men to Washington, D.C., including him, is not an important voice of our century. Dr. Cornel West criticized him for not going to Memphis for the Dr. King event and he is facing increasing criticism from Black civilians. Especially for dismissing the U.S. Special Virus Program which many believe created AIDS to kill Blacks. This turn has deeply affected his Black supporters but, Tavis and all of the other haters are probably loving it.

Whether these disassociations does him any good with White voters remain to be seen. What is clear is that, based on warfare, this will not be enough for his enemies. The protective hedge has been removed from Barack and his enemies are licking their chops because they got to him. They unnerved him. They manufactured a rift between he and the closest man to a father he had.

I was at the National Press Club and saw Reverend Wright first hand. His appearances on Bill Moyers Journal and the NAACP should not have been negated by the vast contrast in his demeanor. Jeremiah Wright was in the same room with the same people responsible for raking him over the coals for over forty days. If truth be told, the National Press Club was the courtroom of a hostile and unfair prosecution where Jeremiah Wright was the hostile witness.

A man sitting next to me raised his voice while describing Wright as a wacko who caters to wackos. Even Greta van Susteren was sitting a few seats away from him. Remember when someone interrupted him? It was the same reporter from Fox News who tried to ambush Father Pfleger in front of St. Sabina. For me, just seeing these people in person made my blood boil.

So, all you righteous souls, please excuse Reverend Wright if he did not “act appropriately.”

If you were the one being burned at the stake, I wonder how graceful you would be. Bronzeville Metropolis

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