Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trinity Member...

The issue/problem is NOT Rev. Wright OR Obama. It is the press that continues to fuel this fire of fear!!! As long as the press can continue to play to the fears of ignorant people who think that because Rev. Wright admonishes the US for past and present misdeeds (Jena, La; The recent verdict in NY; Gerarldo Wilson in ATL; the grandmother in ATL who was shot repeatedly in her home - I could go on but you get the point) that he is either a race hater or unpatriotic. IDIOTS!!!!! Rev. Wright has ALWAYS preached INCLUSION of everyone!!! That is one reason why other clergy do not support him. They want him to denounce gays, non-minorities, non-christians, pregnant teenagers, abortionist and the like. He will NOT do it because he believes that Christ loves us all and that Christ dealt with "the least of us". There is NOTHING that he has preached that is a lie!!!! Not slavery, internment, forgien country occup ation, starting and illegal war, murder by the government, ignoring the needs of the poor and disenfranchised (Katrina, $4.00gal gas, un and undereducated children, homelessness). OK
Also, with death threats on his family, church and friends; bomb threats on the church; misrepresentation of his personal and professional life; and just out and out lies, it is time for him to not only defend himself and his family but his life long spiritual beliefs. All of which have NOTHING to do with Barrack Obama except for what the PRESS continues to try to connect -FEAR!!!! NO Rev. Wright should NOT 'go somewhere and sit down"!!!! He is NOT an egomaniac, publicity seeker, OR a Shrinking Violet. He will continue to preach what he has always preach - no matter who is in the White House!!!!! And I will continue to attend and worship at Trinity United Church of Christ!!
Whites attend church as a matter of ritual, Blacks attend church as a matter of need, healing, and preparation for the HELL they will catch in the coming week. How many times have I told you that "I work Monday thru Saturday, church on Sunday so that I can 'pray up' to get back to plantation UAL on Monday"
And so it is.......AMEN

Sharon Marie

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