Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Guilty Verdicts in the Sean Bell Trial


Do you recall this hot topic? The Verdict is in!!! The officer's were found (NOT GUILTY) Let me know how you feel...

QUEENS (WABC) -- The prosecution and defense wrapped up their cases with closing arguments Monday in the trial of three officers charged in the Sean Bell shooting. Now, the judge will decide the officers' fates.
Defense attorneys said the three detectives charged in the 50-shot killing of an unarmed groom-to-be were framed by lying street thugs, including two surviving victims seeking millions of dollars from the city.
Prosecutors in the Sean Bell slaying built their case on the unreliable testimony of Bell's friends - "a parade of convicted felons, crack dealers and men who were not strangers to weapons," said James Culleton, lawyer for one of the shooters.
Bell, 23, was killed outside a Queens topless bar, the Kalua

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so it goes back to the videotape Holliday shot showed several white Los Angeles police officers using their batons to beat King, who had led them on a car chase after they tried to stop him for speeding, was broadcast around the world.
Video shows L.A. police beating that resulted in charges against 4 officers, but a Los Angeles jury seemed to ignore the video evidence. And when the four policemen charged with the beating were acquitted, it set off the worst riot in U.S. history. Wow!! Let's all continue to lift each other and the Bell Family in Prayer. God is Love and I Love U all with the same LOVE..

Larry Donald Sr

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