Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Chee chee I know how you feel and these guys will work it out and I see the
evilness in this all..Again divide and conquer we need to stick together here
not just Rev Wright and Obama but ALL of us those who are saying that Rev Wright
needs to shut up and those who think that he should continue to speak. WE ALL
NEED to recognize the big picture..It is so hard for black ppl to stay unified.
Both of these men are great men great leaders and very much appreciated in the
black community
especially in Chicago. I support them both and you have to sit in the pews
Sunday after Sunday and understand Rev Wright. I attribute most of my spiritual
growth to him and alot of my knowledge on my African culture. It was him that
taught me certain things, things that I did not learn from my mother things that
I did not learn in school, he said it do not let others tell your history. Yes I
pray for unity now and that we stay unified no matter what happens..And for
those that don't support Rev Wright if there is a ounce of spirituality in your
body prayer for Rev Wright is best not pointing fingers and placing blame..God
is in Control no matter what...

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