Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mia on Rev Wright and Barack Obama

Hey girl, ok I have to make my own comment now..I love Rev Wright as well as I
love Barack Obama and as a Trinity member I am not gonna be
forced to chose one over the other. Rev Wright has spoke historical facts not
one word was a lie. The problem with that is ppl were not ready and will never
be ready for
the truth and the truth can cut like a knife. They dogged Rev Wright for
speaking the truth made him out to be unpatriotic and filled with hate and
preaching hate.
I understand that he was hurt and alot of other things and he needed to speak
and get his side out he was given the platform 1,2,3 times and he spoke
intelligently laid
it all out as he saw it. I don't have a problem with anything that Rev Wright
has said nor was I shocked, this is Rev Wrights way and those of us that have
been going
to Trinity for years totally get this. What is bothering me now is that two
BLACK prominent men are becoming enemies and I don't like that. Trickery is
alive and well
and Rev Wright and Barack Obama together is something wonderful. I understand
that Barack may not agree with the things that Rev Wright says and he has that
right, I just feel that I rather not see these to great men oppose each other
this way in front of the media and especially for white ppl to twist and turn
this into some kind of side
show at the Circus. Rev Wright has gotten his say now and it has stirred things
and gotten ppl to thinking whites and blacks and that is some good stuff now.
What I am getting at is peace is in order now. Rev Wright is and Barack are not
running against each other for President, lets stay focused on the prize. Again
I am for them both and will not let anyone make me chose one over the other, I
chose them both...I will be praying that Rev Wright and Barack Obama humble
themselves now and continue to see what God's will is. This is how I feel..


Hey Mia!

My phone has been blowing up! Let me just say that, I’m very saddened and perplexed that somehow we have allowed the media--- to take us to a disturbing place.. I’ve spoken with Stephen, Tommie, Diane, and listened to conversations at the Club amongst members, and for the most everyones saying” why won’t he just shut up!” Well…. I expressed to Stephen my confusion, but after speaking with Tommie & Denise last night, they both said things that allowed me to find peace and hope in this situation. Stop listening to the rhetoric! This has to be done, let them work out their differences and don’t allow the media to get us all caught up in the hype. Let’s trust what God is doing , and allow Rev Wright and Senator Obama to figure this out and work through this. Each has to fight this battle in their way. I’m certain they will. I will continue to pray for this nation and especially (Rev Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama.) Guys, let’s just be still…and allow them both,to deal with this.



I will continue to support Obama Senator. Wright doesn't need any support, he needs only to be silent...and go away.


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