Friday, April 18, 2008

Leatha on -- Mr. Smiley

Hi Pat:

I also have had issues with Mr. Smiley which started with the State of the Black Union that has been ongoing annually for nine (9) years without any results outside of conversation for a lot of "dignitaries/think tanks" of the Black community and, in my opinion, two fruitless publications. I hope I am not being redundant, but did you know that the first publication was rejected by each and every WHITE publisher? Roland S. Martin made this revelation on his WVON morning show. Only then did Tavis seek a Black publisher which was the Third World Press? I guess perhaps he has done a lot for the Black community, but not as much as he has for himself. By now, after almost a decade of being on C-SPAN don't you think someone in our community should at least begin to manufacture underwear, gym shoes or something that Black people purchases from others? Allow me to cite an example by tracking the thought process of the Black community. After the Koreans now own eighty percent (80%) of hair products used solely by African Americans, we now frantically attempt to capture the remaining 20% of the market while attempting to retrieve at least some of what has been under the control of the Koreans for more than twenty 20) years. Since that market is so deeply entrenched as a lucrative enterprise with those who do not represent us in any way, don't you think that this endeavor will be an almost insurmountable task?

Back to Mr.Tavis Smiley, I think he is a tad top-heavy because all that ego is crowding his mental faculties which happens to a lot of Black people because of that old "crabs in a barrel" mentality. So I guess is it just as well that he will no longer be the featured commentator on the Tom Joyner show. I knew Tavis had lost it when he so adamantly slammed Senator Obama as he rejected having Michelle Obama on his show because her husband justifiably couldn't make it because of campaign obligations. By the way, and I am sure most already know this, the only reason Hillary agreed to show up, and did, was because she thought there was a chance to recapture the Black vote. Anyway, I was a bit miffed with the man then, but I wish him good luck and hope his past experiences will make him wiser.

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