Monday, April 28, 2008


Unfortunately we are complicit in the dark forces that overrun our communities. Decades of abuse by the police (back when they were all white) has swung the pendulum the other way. Now the good or decent cops are crucified and the criminals are empowered. Go to any big city and the worst part of it will probably be the black area. We make excuses, harbor, and in some cases encourage predator like criminal behavior but when an outsider says things are right (Cosby), when a teacher disciplines a wayward child, when a police officer arrests a thug, the whole community gets in an uproar. But Steve as you say when someone rapes, kill and burns a body, kills a child and the parents he is related to (cousin), or kills 5 people in a household as long as it is not the police it is ok because we don't hoop hollar, protest, march into the police station, have a disruptive stand in at the police hq or all the other tactics that occur when some people want to see themselves on tv.

Hey guys... Sorry for responding to you so late. Here is my concern, there were 50 shots fired by the 3 detectives, and 30 shots were by one detective. Yes I would consider that excessive force. No weapon was found on Sean and just 3 years ago, the young man from NY reaching for his wallet was also gunned down. How soon we forget.... I think the question is what message are we sending to the Police officers and also to our Community. We dont' matter? Two of the officers were black and my question to them would be: Is that badge more important than your race? If Sean was white ,would that had been handled differently? Cheech

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