Friday, April 25, 2008

Joe on Sean Bell's Verdict

What do you think of the verdict? From what I have read (only news) there
appears that the only crime is committed by the victim in fleeing and striking
another vehicle with his.. Whether it was 1 shot or 50, lethal force is lethal.
There isn't "more than lethal force". There isn't excessive lethal force it is
either justified or not justified.


I think it was excessive lethal force, and also,the verdict was unfair. I would love to hear from my buddies Stephen B, Que and Mia (criminal justice experts). Of course, in my mind there is no justification.......


1 comment:

Stephen said...


Wow. It seems that you have invented a new term. EXCESSIVE LETHAL FORCE! HA-HA! How can lethal force ever be excessive? It's either lethal, or it isn't. I can see if maybe after a criminal was shot to death, then the Officer cuts the guys head off, or sets the body on fire. Then you would have excessive lethal force. What if 3 shots don't bring the threat down? What if I have to shoot a criminal 16 times before the threat is gone?
What you have to ask yourself is why did the shooting take place? What actions did Bell and friends take that led to the shooting? What was said? What was seen? I personally believe that there was a gun on scene, and it was removed by someone. It happens all of the time! In my opinion, guns at crime scenes being removed by people happen more than Police planting guns on people. The first thing the other bad guys and their friends or citizens will try to do is remove the evidence needed to prove that Police were justified in a shooting. That opens up the other bad guys and family members to sue. They want to get paid!! We hear it all the time.
Why were Bell and friends trying to run Officers over with the car? They struck an Officer with the car before the shooting! 50 shots does not mean 50 hits. Some Officers shoot better than others. In a situation like that you're shooting at a moving target. All of your shots will not find their mark. Also, adrenaline will keep a person alive after being shot, my ex-partner once shot a guy 5 times, and the guy then scaled a 12 foot razor wire fence and got away!
Too many Black folks want to crucify the Police all of the time. We just had 5 Black people tortured and then murdered in Chatham by Black men. Months back, we had 5 women executed by a Black man at a lane Bryant store in Tinley park. We are killing each other at an astounding rate. Where is Sharpton? Where is Jesse? The Police are human and make mistakes. There are also Cops that aren't good Cops.
But tell me Patrice, who is shooting down the Black men and women in our communities? Who?


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