Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's get back to the real issues. Remember Hillary?


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Grace to You all,
Ok, I agree that the media turns this into, what we call in so many ways... "Black on Black Crime"... Check this out online in yahoo...

An angry Obama told reporters yesterday he was "outraged" by what he called a "performance" by Jeremiah Wright at the National Press Club in Washington on Monday and added that he was "saddened by the spectacle."

Wright used the forum to reiterate some of his charges against the U.S. government, including his suggestion that the government invented the AIDS virus to destroy "people of color."

Obama calls the comments "divisive and destructive" and says "they end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate."

Thirteen hours after his former pastor startled some with a defiant performance that was televised nationwide, Obama urged 18,000 supporters to stay calm and shrug off such "distractions."

By the next afternoon, however, his tone was dramatically different.

The Illinois senator summoned reporters Tuesday to say he was outraged by the Rev. Wright's "divisive and destructive" remarks, scrambling to contain the flare-up in a controversy that has dogged him since clips of some of Wright's most objectionable remarks began circulating on TV and the Internet.

Obama said he belatedly condemned Wright's remarks because he did not see a transcript or video of Monday's appearance until the next day.

Wow!!! Let's all continue to lift them both up in Prayer along with each other..

Love U all with the Lord of the Lord

Larry D Sr.

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