Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I thought this EXTREMELY important to share before you go vote on Tuesday. Do not vote for Sufferdin:

The Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7 is outraged after learning that a candidate for the office of Cook County States Attorney has been a proponent for the release of an individual that was convicted in 1975 for the murder of Chicago Police Officer Ed Barron. Larry Suffredin Jr. at the time was the Public Defender for Joseph Bigsby, who, as the evidence proved, robbed at gunpoint and pistol whipped one of two elderly victims which caused the Police to be called to the scene. Upon their arrival, three Police Officers located the offender and ordered him to drop his weapon, Bigsby responded by drawing the Luger pistol, which was used in the robberies and fired at the officers, striking Officer Edward Barron in the head killing him instantly. Additional responding officers were also fired upon by the offender until he ran out of ammunition. Bigsby was apprehended, charged and convicted of Murder, three counts of Attempt Murder and two counts of Armed Robbery.
Larry Suffredin has been pleading with the Illinois Prisoner Review Board for several years for the release of this killer. The Fraternal Order of Police and Officer Barron¹s partner have fought for years to keep Prisoner #C02290 incarcerated. The thought that a potential States Attorney, charged with prosecuting those who prey on our society, would turn his back on the Law Enforcement Community in this manner is appalling. The Cook County States Attorney needs to be consistently in support of convicts serving their full sentences for the safety of the rest of society, and a tireless advocate for the families of the victims. If Mr. Suffredin is elected, this will create a horrendous conflict of interest.
The 18,000 members of Lodge #7 are outraged at Larry Suffredin¹s actions and his attempt to ride this and other issues into the office of Cook County States Attorney. Mr. Suffredin needs to know that the Cook County States Attorney should be an advocate for justice, not an opponent of it.
Mark Donahue

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if "King Maker" Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. was aware of this information when he endorsed Larry Suffredin for State's Attorney? During election time, he is forever tirelessly endorsing someone for some office. If he would just calm down his ego and gather his thoughts enough just to do his job in congress, perhaps he wouldn't make these kinds of slip-ups. When George Bush gave his last State of the Union address, guess who was standing in the more opportune spot to shake his hand? Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

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