Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SB & Cheech.. on Obama..


Now is the time for the right Blackman to be President. It really amazes me that Sisters who scream that their are no "goodmen" out here at all, run to vote for Hillary. It's obvious that Michelle Obama has her "Good man". But are the Sisters getting behind Michelle and her man? Hillary made very disrespectful comments regarding MLK and the civil rights movement recently, and the Sisters act as if they didn't hear anything at all. Bill Clinton has even attacked Obama, and he was cheating on his wife while President.
I jokingly made the prediction to Josiah that if Obama loses the election, it would because Black women would sellout and support a White candidate. Hmmm. It looks like that possibility might come to reality. Sisters need to wake up, and do it in a hurry.



It's not that I don't support Obama, I am more afraid for him. Japan is financing our war, they 've shipped most of the Jobs out of the Country ,the middle class is gone, and Bush is over there-- as I speak , beggin for oil. I'm just under the belief that America is so far gone, that now they will gladly give it to a black man. He will be the fall guy - or- clean up their mess. I totally support Obama, however; I'm very afraid of what he 's about to get himself into. I don't care for the Clinton's but I'd rather they inherit that hell-- than Michelle and Obama. That's all...

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