Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks Leatha..

BC is the white political
establishment's resident expert on the American negro.
He's a Southern boy so he know what makes negros
tick. He's knows that negros are dying for social
contact w/powerful white massas like him, so
he plays on that to the max.
Silly negros give him props
as the 1st Black Pres coz he eats greens
& pig feet & knows
all the words to "Lift E'vry Voice & Sing."
He's even known to taste a lil "brown sugah"
when he ain't bonin' fat white girls.

Like many Southern whites, he's extremely
comfortable around negros, not Black people,
but negros like vernon jordan & j.jackson.
He's got a crib up in Harlem & he attend
negro churches where he is treated as
a celeb. At best, BC is an opportunistic wigger,
a wanna-bee who is adept at smoozing the
gullible, & the infantile, but there ain't nuthin Black about
BC except the people he so smoothly fools.

Dr. Hotep

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