Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brother from South Africa.. Thanks Tommie

Peace and Blessings...

Greetings Fellow Voters!
As I pondered the State of the Nation and reflected on how vital this upcoming election is to our people and country, it occurred to me, we could very well witness history and the inauguration of the first Black President of the United States! I began to thank the Lord in prayer. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit revealed to me the images below and spoke these simple words..."Forty years of wondering to the Promise Land." It occurred to me as I digested these images...

"The Creator" "The Message" "The Deliverer" " The Messenger"

"The Promise"
Since the beginning of time His message has always been..."Let My People Go!" Even after their (Black People) release and deliverance to the Promise Land, because of their (Black People) DISOBEDIENCE they spent Forty Years wandering and never made it into the Promise Land.
There has been forty years since Martin Luther King, Jr. 's death after delivering his famous "I Have A Dream" speech which specifically told us.."He had been to the mountain top and seen our people get to the Promise Land, although he would not get there with us he promised we would!" MLK, Jr's message was the same over forty years ago..."Let My People Go!"
My Sisters and Brothers...It is Time! If not now, when? I challenge all of you to earnestly pray on your decision before you go to the polls and if you believe like I believe, we will witness another moment in history. Change is here, and the bus is at your stop...Will you get on it or wait another forty years for one to come along which is not even scheduled?
Help Obama deliver the FUBU (For Us By Us) VOTE!
Sidebar: The traditional vote in New Hampshire , set a great example for us as a people. Giving Hilliary Clinton the " sympathy" win, says more than just women supporting her. It said the "white folks" are still not ready to equal the playing field and let us in. Believe it or not, we as a people hold the key to his success and or failure.
Nelly said it so clearly in his Country Grammar song ..."I got friends now, let me in now...."
If we are ready for a woman, we are certainly ready for Obama!
Voice your choice and Vote Obama today!

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