Monday, January 7, 2008

Adrienne Graham

Comment For "Donta, & Joe,":

I know I'm a little late in responding to this post. But I felt the need to agree with Patrice. Some of us (Black Women) hate to be seen as having any kind of flaws. There is rarely a middle ground these days. You have sisters with attitudes and hood mentalities feeling like everyone owes them something. And you have professional sisters such as the ones you describe in your post. We need to find a middle ground. That's not to say there aren't women in the "middle" (like me). I think it is our responsibility to give back and reach back to help one another when we make it. Some professional sisters really shouldn't let paranoia keep them from helping the next woman out. And for my sisters with the hood mentality, look around you. Strive to do better and be better. Educating yourself and conducting yourself in a professional manner is not selling out or making you less for your community.

Let's find a common ground ladies. Let's start working together instead of against one another.

Adrienne Graham
"An Empowered Black Woman"
Empower Me! Corp.

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