Monday, December 10, 2007

Nailah Franklin


Even when given a choice, it seems our people make deeply troubling choices and get into very dangerous sitations. I do not understand our choices. Why would an intelligent woman who makes good money date a jail bird with more than 20 arrests in four counties and eight convictions spanning more than a decade? This dude, (murder suspect) had a history of violence against women. I wonder what would have happened if I had approached a Sista like this. I don't know, but I bet if I had asked her out, she would have found a reason not to go out with me. The results speak for themselves....



I'm convinced that the overwhelming majority of Sisters are not interested in decent (Nice) Brothers. They say that they are, but then they go for the "bad boy". If they choose to date "bad boys", they open themselves up to receive "bad boy" behavior/treatment. Will they ever understand that? It's seems as if they can't help themselves. Sad.


Chicago man charged in woman's slaying

By Angela Rozas and Kayce Ataiyero | Tribune staff reporters
December 9, 2007

A "deeply flawed" alibi has led to the arrest of a Chicago man in the September slaying of Nailah Franklin, authorities said during a news conference today.

Police said Reginald Potts Jr., who briefly dated Franklin, is charged with murder after FBI officials placed his cell phone and Franklin's cell phone in the same location at a time he said he was not with Franklin.

Franklin's sisters reported her missing Sept. 19 and her nude body was discovered in dense woods in Calumet City eight days later. Police say Franklin was killed Sept. 18. A law-enforcement source has said she was not shot or stabbed. An autopsy in September failed to determine the cause of the death and the Cook County medical examiner's office said Saturday results are still pending.

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Police sources said Potts, 30, had been a suspect since Franklin was reported missing. The two had a heated e-mail exchange the week before she disappeared.

Witness statements to police also raised questions about his whereabouts, authorities said.

Potts, who also is charged with robbery and the theft of Franklin's vehicle, was in the County Jail serving a 100-day sentence after pleading guilty to violating an order of protection involving another woman, according to John Gorman, a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office. Potts also was charged with aggravated battery for striking a sheriff's deputy and ordered held without bail.

He is scheduled for a bond hearing on the murder charge Monday.

"Reginald is presumed innocent," William P. Murphy, Potts' attorney, said Saturday. "We haven't gotten all the evidence yet. We have a long ways to go."

Franklin's sisters had taken her case to the streets and the airwaves after they reported her missing. They established a $10,000 reward and distributed fliers featuring a smiling Franklin, a former pharmaceutical representative. Friends and family talked of Franklin's starlike quality and her outgoing nature.

Franklin's family planned another news conference today to discuss the charges. Franklin's sister, Lehia Franklin Acox, said the family is 'resolute' with the news of charges.

"This is just the start of a long process," she said.

With more than 20 arrests in four counties and eight convictions spanning more than a decade, Potts has a history of threatening violence, especially against women.

In an unpublished interview with the Tribune last month, Potts said he had nothing to do with Franklin's slaying. A week before Franklin disappeared, she had complained to police that Potts was making threats against her. She filed a police report, but did not seek an order of protection, as others involved with Potts had done.

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Anonymous said...

And so, we are back to Square One. The dilemma of the so-called "eligible black male" causes a quagmire for the black female and sometimes she ends up like this unfortunate sister.

Sorry, but that is the truth.

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