Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stephen Responds to Leatha:


Thanks for the comment/questions. "Good" is a relative term. What is "good" to you might not be "good" to the next Sister. There are Sisters that are getting beatdown everyday that will kill you if you say that they don't have a good man. You of course might not take any bad treatment from a man. Josiah and I consider ourselves to be good men because we practice values taught to us by our parents. Sisters have always called us good men and great catches. But, we have experienced that the values taught to us by our parents are now overlooked by most Sisters. They say they want one thing, and choose the other. Our values:

1. Respectful of women.
2. Church going.
3. No children out of wedlock.
4. Gainfully employed.
5. Never been in trouble with the law.
6. Not violent with women. Not profane.
7. Easy going, easy to talk to.
8. Affectionate, and loyal to a woman.
9. We want a family
10. We believe in being great providers.

Steve its a natural defense mechanism to insure the proliferation of the
attitudes. Its akin to the Alien's blood being acid or the Predator activating
nuclear weapon when incapacitated. That limits the attacks.


1 comment:

Lu said...

Thank you for responding....

I agree some females do have attitude problems. I confess I was one of them. I've since found Christ and with much prayer and fasting I've been healed from my past wounds.

Now I don't bring the DRAMA nor do I accept it.

We as a people don't listen to each other. We want to get our point across and not care about the other person(s) opinion(s) or even take their feelings into consideration.

For the New Year, let's all learn to listen and respect one another!!!!!!!!

May you all find what you are looking for in 2008 :0)

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