Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mia Attempts to Explain to Dmaurien, her 8 year old Son.....

Hey girly, I have to comment on the Nailah situation. Dmaurien asked me last
night ma who killed Nailah Franklin? Because it has been on the
news he has heard it so many times and he is curious now as to who would kill
this pretty woman, plus he was at Church that Sunday night
when Trinity held a prayer vigil for her and her family. He said why do men kill
women like they do..I honestly could not answer him. But I think
that our generation is lost the men and the women. Women no longer look for
things in a man like stability, morals, values, how he treats his
mom and watch for how he treats women around him how good is his heart and
things like that, oh if you pay attention not even close attention
you can tell if a man is nuts or not. Listen through casual conversation the
things that he says about people and so forth. Women see things and over look
them bc oh he drives a Bentley or he has thousand and thousands in his bank
account or he is fine the sex is good yada,yada..We were given a gift that
is called a woman's intuition and we have neglected it for shallow mess. Women
need to listen to it more and maybe just maybe it will save someone's life.
I really could not tell my 8 year old son why these men are killing women that
they are suppose to be loving outside of them just being crazy but he still
would not understand that if you love someone why would you kill them like that.
I just realize that if I want to make a difference in this world being a woman
a mother of young boys who will grow up and have a wife and children is to
continue to instill in them that a man a real man does not put his hands on any
he does not call a woman out of her name before he does anything to her that is
not in a loving way how would he feel if some man does that to me. And in the
event that she provokes him to do something that he will later be sorry for to
walk away and not look back thats what a real man does. Since our generation is
lost men and women those of us that understand how this works should be teaching
the younger generation how to change things by mouth and leading by

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