Friday, December 21, 2007


Why are always the ones that claim to be rejected by black women for the thugs, the undesirables, etcetera, etcetera. But from all indications they, black men, are deep into rejection of us. I pondered over this for a few days before I would offer any comments on the subject. And the sisters?? they are saying absolutely nothing unless in REPLY and rebuttal to black men's need to debase and degrade us in their justification of preferring a Filipino, a Brazilian, a white woman or any- and everybody that is not black, which I contend is their initial intention. It seems as though there is a need to assuage their own guilt for not desiring anyone that looks like Mama, sister, aunt, or grandmother. I constantly read all the complaining about black women; these woman are not putting down black men. It is strange to me how black men can constantly whine, fret, and complain about what black women are NOT DOING or what they lack in character, and on and on and on in their tireless lambasting of us.

For the above, I will not apologize no matter what the barrage of criticism. I unequivocally and unapologetically have voiced my most indepth feelings because I am simply livid regarding black men constantly and continuously complaining, rationalizing, justifying crossing over to wherever for whatever.

Personally, at this time I don't want to marry anybody no matter what their ethnic or racial persuasion might be, but that is not my reason for this crticial analysis. I hope I have clearly stated my reasons above. However, if I decided that I wanted to venture into matrimony again and my choice was not one from my own racial group, a black man, I would go quietly without any complaints because it would not be that I disliked or hated or distrusted black men, but that I happened to chose that particular man for my mate solely because of who he was with his particular attributes that transcend race. That is the way it should be done and all the negating, berating, degrading of black men would not enter into it. One sound reason for not indulging in all that garbage would be just in case I decided to come back home again.

Lastly, for all black men that feel the need to choose such a negative journey to reach their utopia, I say God bless.


Stephen said...

Josiah and I have dated Sisters exclusively for over 20 years. I have still been holding out with the hope that there are numerous Sisters that want to be with good Brothers and appreciate them, and provide minimal drama. He and I have always felt that there is nothing more beautiful than a Black woman. A Black woman is all we've ever wanted. After reading this last posting from Patrice's blog, I see now that they have no intention of even acknowledging that they can be difficult and demanding at times. Nowhere in this Email is it mentioned that Sisters can have attitude problems that can be very damaging to relationships. None of the points we've mentioned previously are even addressed. As we predicted, Black men are attacked yet again, and a bizarre spin is now added stating that we prefer other races. How strange! It's as though they purposely refuse to listen to what Brothers tell them we need, and then tell us that we've never had the experiences that we've had with Sisters! We have never initiated attacks against Sisters. What we are doing is simply mentioning some of their behavior that we have experienced. We are now reacting to it. It seems to be that it's even off limits to mention what they do. They can talk about our faults but, we can't mention theirs. When we do, we're "degrading" them. As Josiah has always stated, "When confronted with some of their behavior, they will lash out instead of listen. That's when they will attack your manhood." The last line of the Email is also bizarre:

"Lastly, for all black men that feel the need to choose such a negative journey to reach their utopia, I say God bless."

I've been trying to find utopia with Sisters for over 20 years. That's not a negative journey? If my new search ends up with me finding utopia with a woman that wants a good man, then that can never be described as a negative.


Lu said...

Okay, I haven't read the blog in a while, busy with my man drama. I'm single and truly trying to let a good man find me. I thought I had one but turned out to be a wolf in sheep clothes.

I don't blame him and I don't blame myself, it's life and it happens.

Stephen and Joe if you find happiness with someone other than black, GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

But I have a question? What makes you both a good man?

Leatha said...

Black men preferably dodge, evade, sidestep and ignore what black women say and conveniently blame the comments of ONE on ALL. Now, perhaps other black women do not feel as I do, brothers!! By the way, this is Leatha again speaking. I, too, reiterate the other sister's question: What makes you good men? Additionally, since black women substantially outnumber black men, what is taking you so long to pluck this ONE lone woman from the many? What are your outstanding attributes that you claim to have?

Again, GOD BLESS!!

Stephen said...


Thanks for the comment/questions. "Good" is a relative term. What is "good" to you might not be "good" to the next Sister. There are Sisters that are getting beatdown everyday that will kill you if you say that they don't have a good man. You of course might not take any bad treatment from a man. Josiah and I consider ourselves to be good men because we practice values taught to us by our parents. Sisters have always called us good men and great catches. But, we have experienced that the values taught to us by our parents are now overlooked by most Sisters. They say they want one thing, and choose the other. Our values:

1. Respectful of women.
2. Church going.
3. No children out of wedlock.
4. Gainfully employed.
5. Never been in trouble with the law.
6. Not violent with women. Not profane.
7. Easy going, easy to talk to.
8. Affectionate, and loyal to a woman.
9. We want a family
10. We believe in being great providers.

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