Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hello Patrice. Steve emailed a question to me-- are there any good experiences you've had ever-- with a sister??? There are many Sisters in whom I have much love and respect. All of my elementary teachers until the 6th grade were Black women who demanded excellence - they were my educational foundation. My Mom, my late Aunt Dora (who was a pioneer and example in our family in terms of education), and many of the ladies from church while I was growing up always told me to ‘go ahead’. They were nurturing, positive, and spiritual. One of the Sisters (Sister Eva Smith) would sometimes put a piece of chocolate cake (my favorite) to the side and save it for me when dinner was served at church.

But my relationships are a different story. In any relationship there is some good and some bad, but the good must outweigh the bad for it to be worth continuing. I have dated Black women exclusively for the last 20 years, but if I had the opportunity to go back to any of the SIsters that I've ever dated, I would flatly turn it down. I’ve dated an assortment of Black women – from PhD's to GED’s, those making $125,000 a year to those who were making minimum wage and I would wish all of them the best. But despite being labled a 'decent catch', I can't call any of my adult relationships a success until I am happily married. I really love Black women but I don't think many Black women like or appreciate my qualities.

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