Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Joe.. Fe is responding..

Joe, I agree with you wholeheartedly. If she ALWAYS has an attitude, she has something else going on, and it's probably not healthy.

As a People, we struggle. We face adversity from every angle and sometimes "attitude" is simply a defense mechanism, not to harm anyone else, but simply to save ourselves.

This may not be the best analogy, but I'm going with it anyway. You know how when you bake a cake, you have to grease and flour the pan. Well, when the cake is done and you remove the cake from the pan there is a fine layer of the grease/flour mixture on the bottom of the cake and also left in the pan. Well that layer is what I call "residue". It's leftover from a step in the process that was necessary to make that awesome cake (If the baker is good, the cake is awesome :-)). Well, that residue represents the "Attitude" that some sisters display. But it's just that, residue! Unfortunately, we've yet to discuss, the mixture that built the residue, and because we can't get past the residue, we don't know what the cake taste like. It looks pretty, but the residue thick, and it takes time, patience and sometimes a gentle nudge to even realize that the residue can be removed. You can't use a jackhammer because it will destroy the cake, but a little wax on, wax off, and guess what, Progress.


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