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My name is Joe not to be confused with Jo. I am the worst of the 3 (Steve, Jo, and Joe). I am not going anywhere because I am married and settled in right here. I can attest both are highly educated (both formal and real world practical skills) neither has kids, both raised by both loving parents, both take care a family, home and their own business and both have shown love for other men's children in a relationship that is the calling of only a real man can answer. Neither are or have been married, both highly independent, all around good guys. I wrote the original email that you responded to not them, I didn't know it was going to end up on a public forum but I stand by what I write and what they have been saying. But since you want to question people let me try to give you an answer about me and my values.
I had a child before marriage, dropped out of college, didn't work for awhile, lived at home and was shiftless for a few years all before I was 23 years old and the only problem I had with women is trying to limit who many were trying to be with me (or get pregnant). That was my past not let me me catch you up to the present.
I bought my first house at 25, started a business at 26, worked for the city in 3 different jobs one for 14 years, one 10 years and one for 5 years (and one union trade job), I still work all 4 jobs! I live in a strong middle class integrated part of town (Beverly Hills) I just sold a 4 unit apartment building that I bought and rehabbed using my OWN money (didn't have to ask the Man for any), that I rented at below market rate rents (ie affordable). I still own and rent another property that I bought that was distressed (lived in it for 5 yrs) I rehabbed that also and now turned an eye sore into one of the premier properties on the block that I rent out to a not for profit counseling agency that uses it as it local office that deals with women in domestic violence issues. I charge them below market rate rent also and donate goods to their agency. I have custody of my first child that I had to fight for 7 years and now he is in a college prep charter high school (they said he could only read on a 2nd grade level when I got him) am married for the second time and have a 15 month baby and a step child. I am now on ownership of my 3rd boat (buy and sell those also) and just sold my airplane (did I mention I am back in college with a 3.9 gpa for Aviation Flight Mgmt) that I bought to avoid renting one to train to become a professional pilot. I have tutored children, volunteered in local civic events, and worked political campaigns. I also mentor young (sometimes older) adults in 2 of my jobs and was about to start a local mentoring group at a inner city high school at the urging of the principal but my time hasn't allowed me to start yet. I started informally with the young men who lack father figures but more of the young WOMEN came to me with their problems because they couldn't find anyone (fathers or mothers/grandmothers) who would listen and give sound advice or solutions. I have maintain a 700+ credit score, AIDS/HIV free, never been arrested or have any down low tendencies that women complain about. I am 6'4" not disfigured and don't have any disabilities (can send pics if required). I am independent, can cook, clean, grocery shop and change diapers with the best of them. When I was not married or in a serious committed monogamous relationship I have a VERY HARD time keeping women's attention when I meet them because despite my accomplishments I am very humble and keep a very low profile and don't lie (dream seller). As Steve and Jo said most gravitated towards the negative attributes in the other men. I have met and dated women from public housing/subsidence to attorneys, corporate VP's (Ivy League MBA's) and despite their economic/educational differences their attitudes and actions towards men are similar if not the same. I am not just speaking of me dating for 20 years but the experiences of many many men who share their stories/experiences with me. Now I am not here to say its the black women's fault because in dating and choosing a mate its all about "Buyers Beware [choose very carefully]" but I am here to affirm what Jo and Steve says what is happening that some Sistas can't just imagine...there are just as many women (even accomplished ones) that are bad as men. It is difficult on both sides to choose a mate so when Sistas complain and lambast brothas I have something to tell them about their Sisteren also. If they feel they need to go somewhere else to find love and a lasting companionship so be it. Unless you are willing to try to fill the bill why do you care? If you feel you are all that why don't you give them a holla and see if you can change their minds :-)

P.S. Funny how you get on them (us) for downing black women and you do just that in your below response that I highlighted.

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