Monday, December 24, 2007

Listen......To One Another.....Niece Speaks!..

Hello, all
I'm new at this, however I have been keeping up on this blog page. My question to the men is. Do you know your rightful place? Everything that has been said sounds good. Now lets get down with the real thing. We have be taught to say the right things, look a certain way, and walk a certain way. Now when it come to living this thing we call integrity many drop the ball. I've found in life it is easy to depict my faults, however, dirt is usually done in the dark. If you want a women to have integrity, honesty, respect dignity, and love for her man bring it!. To all check yourself first, then lets have a real conversation, about what you put out their comes back at you. When I look at what I attract I look at me.


Josiah and I have dated Sisters exclusively for over 20 years. I have still been holding out with the hope that there are numerous Sisters that want to be with good Brothers and appreciate them, and provide minimal drama. He and I have always felt that there is nothing more beautiful than a Black woman. A Black woman is all we've ever wanted. After reading this last posting from Patrice's blog, I see now that they have no intention of even acknowledging that they can be difficult and demanding at times. Nowhere in this Email is it mentioned that Sisters can have attitude problems that can be very damaging to relationships. None of the points we've mentioned previously are even addressed. As we predicted, Black men are attacked yet again, and a bizarre spin is now added stating that we prefer other races. How strange! It's as though they purposely refuse to listen to what Brothers tell them we need, and then tell us that we've never had the experiences that we've had with Sisters! We have never initiated attacks against Sisters. What we are doing is simply mentioning some of their behavior that we have experienced. We are now reacting to it. It seems to be that it's even off limits to mention what they do. They can talk about our faults but, we can't mention theirs. When we do, we're "degrading" them. As Josiah has always stated, "When confronted with some of their behavior, they will lash out instead of listen. That's when they will attack your manhood." The last line of the Email is also bizarre:

"Lastly, for all black men that feel the need to choose such a negative journey to reach their utopia, I say God bless."

Okay, I haven't read the blog in a while, busy with my man drama. I'm single and truly trying to let a good man find me. I thought I had one but turned out to be a wolf in sheep clothes.

I don't blame him and I don't blame myself, it's life and it happens.

Stephen and Joe if you find happiness with someone other than black, GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

But I have a question? What makes you both a good man?

Black men preferably dodge, evade, sidestep and ignore what black women say and conveniently blame the comments of ONE on ALL. Now, perhaps other black women do not feel as I do, brothers!! By the way, this is Leatha again speaking. I, too, reiterate the other sister's question: What makes you good men? Additionally, since black women substantially outnumber black men, what is taking you so long to pluck this ONE lone woman from the many? What are your outstanding attributes that you claim to have?

Again, GOD BLESS!!


Anonymous said...

First, I apologize for not being caught up on this conversation of "us" versus "them".

Second, let's lay it all on the table. Brothers and Sister alike enter into relationships with much baggage. The real question is this; Is my potential mate there to help me lighten my load or simply add their bag to pile.

I'm a Sister that at 30+, have never been married, and based on the conversations going back and forth, I've apparently never really had a bad relationship. Let's face the fact, that Mr. Right, might just be Mr. Right now, and Ms. She So Fine, may simply be that, just Fine. Until we are willing to truly look at ourselves in the mirror, and perform our own internal Autopsy, our expectations of our potential mates will always fall short.

We realy need to ask ourselves, "Am I everything that I want my mate to be?" Do I possess or even have the potential to reciprocate the list of agenda items I have planned for my mate. Most of us have this fantasy built in our dreams and some of us even come really close, but "To Thine Ownself Be True". Are you really leading the life that the mate you are dreaming of will recognize you?
I can't speak for anyone else, but I have to check myself, and quite often I might add, about my expectations, but what am I doing to deserve all of the things I expect.
And yes, Sister girl is going to have attitude! Brothers I'm not telling you what I heard, I'm telling you what I know, If she don't have attitude at some point about something, be leary, her representative is still present and you haven't met HER yet.


Stephen said...

My last paragraph was omitted, it reads:

"I've been trying to find utopia with Sisters for over 20 years. That's not a negative journey? If my new search ends up with me finding utopia with a woman that wants a good man, then that can never be described as a negative."


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