Wednesday, December 26, 2007



I so appreciate each of you sharing your comments,thoughts, and observations. SB, the women are not attacking, but simply pointing out that what we allow to enter into our lives in terms of relationships, typically mirrors that of ourselves. It's my hope,that in all this, that each of you attempt to listen very closely. Make an effort to hear,listen and get understanding. That's so difficult to do bc each wants to get his/her point across. Let's really try to hear and understand...I am truly under the belief that both black men and women are definitely hurting. I'm hearing it.... Some of this stuff goes all the way back to slavery. Nevertheless, take this opportunity to hear and listen,seriously think of ways in which we can both stop the abuse towards one another the challenge for each of us, is to get understanding and find a solution. We also have not mentioned GOD... And just maybe that's our problem????????




Patrice, If you notice, no female has even addressed the reality of Sisters being difficult in relationships due to their attitudes. Why not? Many Black women have no intention of even mentioning it. It's OK to mention our faults but all hell breaks loose when Sisters faults are mentioned, even the slightest fault. How is that fair? We haven't attacked Sisters at all, but it's apparent many Sisters don't even want to hear that they have faults. Isn't that part of us being human? Why is it so hard for many Sisters to admit they can have attitude problems at times. It must be nice to be perfect, and blame the Brothers for everything.
As Josiah predicted, our logic would be met with anger, no reason, and emotional finger pointing. I felt it necessary to try to reach out, I should have listened to him.
We both had hoped to enlighten Sisters on behaviors that men don't comment on. Brothers don't comment on Sister's behavior to them because when we try to tell you about it, you refuse to listen. We get blamed for your attitudes, we are told to look within ourselves, our manhood is questioned, and then you start an argument. That same behavior can come from the ghetto girl, or the PHD. All of these things even happened to Josiah and I on your blog!
This behavior often results in men simply not wanting to come home. Some Brothers think of a reason, any reason, to delay as long as possible coming home after work. Who wants to come home and be greeted with some crazy unnecessary attitude? Those men not coming home also leads to them spending time with people that they think they can find solace in, and that's never a good thing.
I've explained why we view ourselves as good men, and why we have the opinions that we do. I applaud you Patrice for posting our comments on your great blog! You've inspired us to look into starting our own blog dealing with issues for other Brothers that have realized that a good Sister is truly hard to find. I am presently finishing up the introduction for our book. I'll invite you if we make the Oprah show!
Happy holidays to you and your family!



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