Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Alright guys, You know I'm done w/ this... Good Luck With That!....

It's obvious that we both ( Men/Women) are Hurt, Angry, and somehow not understanding one another.. Cheech...

I wanted to say stop effing whining, what you think
that your the only man that cannot find a good woman or a woman
that appreciates you or a good man, what about the women that are in the same
boat as you. There are 10 men to 1 woman your chances of
finding a wife is high especially if you really do have those values (which I
doubt) You are just trying to justify going over to Brazil and the Philippines
to find a woman bc most of those women are clueless and love being some mans
trophy they can't stand up for them selves and they want some
man a black man to take care of them any how, that and if you have skills (
sexually) if you come with those qualities hell yeah you got one that will
appreciate you for whatever. I honestly think that if a man posses all those
qualities that he says he has and he is not having commitment issues himself
along with insecurity issues and so forth his ass should be would be snatched
up. I think he is on bullshit or Karma has come back to bite him, maybe he is
one who has passed up all the good women in his life not bc he was a dog but
perhaps he was to immature to figure it out and now that he has he expects that
Karmic wheel to land on his spot and a good woman should appear like poof...
Remember the movie Alfie we went to see that one year..Yeah.. Mia/Pia.....

There is a pathological psychological illness going on in our community. Our values, culture and understanding have strayed so far from that where we came from we are not living in a self sustainable lifestyle. Look at the basic roles that people live or strive to live they are not productive (except for money or pleasure). I do not have statistics but I can tell you from the men THAT I MET that 98.78 percent of the black men who are married are living in hell. They chose the wrong women (with the right intentions) who is giving them hell, refusing to do the basics of keeping a house or raising children with proper values under the guise "they work too" and interesting enough they are teaching the children indirectly how to disrespect their father (her husband) also.
These men are either a fool because they do not know it or they are a good fool because they know it but put up with it. They are either doomed because they think it is "normal" (witnessed it with their parents) or listened to peer pressure, too scared to leave thinking that is the best they can get (that is a ploy women say) or they are pussy whipped. Yeah I said it, many men are to preoccupied with a natural function...sex. They are raised to believe that they have to either pay for it, chase it, and/or perform for it. Like air, water and sunshine it is necessary for life (and procreation) but it is supposed to be FREE. Many men like the women, believe that the sun rises and sets between a woman's legs. Ironically if you see some of the inscriptions in the temples in Egypt you can see that the great society placed great value on the reproductive properties of women's (and male's) genitalia. They would put a Ankh in between her legs symbolizing life. They revered and honored the reproductive act yet didn't degrade them. They knew that women bearing new life was no less astounding than any other natural miracle. Now that type of reverence is different from what women/men place on their genitalia now. Go to any club or socializing spot and see that women don the tightest pants/mini skirts, lowest tops and everything in between is either tight or revealing. They are sometimes wearing no panties shaking and gyrating their behinds on the dance floor, grinding (simulating sex) on men with saggy pants, dirty drawers, and no jobs which coincidently might eventually lead to procreation/pregnancy (before marriage) but does not fullfill the greatness nor produce future kings and queens that our fore fathers saw.
Also listening to women stories it seems that a majority of sistas either married or single are not happy with their relationship anyway. They have been socialized with unrealistic standards that will keep them perpetually chasing something that in reality isn't there. They want a rich man, model looks, with muscles with no kids, who hasn't been with too many women but can knock the boots all night and perform all the newest sex tricks and contort themselves to do things they read about in their romance (sex) novels. He has to take care of them and their 3 kids from other men and this man will cook, clean and give them massages every night when the women come home from their job only after they ran their bath water.
It is common knowledge among men that with the sistas who lack of morality that you can get more from them before marriage than most men get in marriage. These women support (emotionally and financially), cook, have children, buy them cars, do all the latest sex tricks on them, buy houses with men who refuse to marry them (and sometimes refuse to be monogamous). They are chasing a dream and the man is a dream seller. These women refuse to settle with honest, responsible, educated, intelligent, hard working men that they call lames to be with those type of men. A lame is not a sexual contortionist, he is tired sometimes and doesn't always want to go "out", he has a budget so he can retire someday and will not support their financial irresponsible decisions, he also likes to eat home cooked meals because that is what his father ate and doesn't always want rib tips, shrimp or chicken wings from carry outs. He doesn't spend more time in the mirror than her because he knows what defines a man is his character and actions (deeds) not a razor fresh fade, expensive auto, jazzy suite and imported shoes (he can't afford).
Through our bad choices among mates our children are becoming predisposed to materialism, nutritionism-slowly killing themselves with junk food ( high rates of childhood diabetes), irrational/illogical decisions that are precipatated by parents not teaching good values and them listening to and accepting Hip Hop gangsta rap/movie values which shows up in the juvenile violence/crime that is exhibitted. You can go to any affluent black neighbor hood or magnet school that doesn't have a strong religious/moral or social code and if they don't have a uniform code you will see the kids dress (and sometimes act) just like the kids in the inner city or projects. Our lines are getting blurred.

We have more choices than ever but look at the outcomes. On one hand we have more sistas in college and/or working than ever compared to men but now 70% of black babies are born into single parent households. There are a large percentage of black men in the criminal justice system and some say that number either compares or exceeds the number of black men in college. There is a segment of our women dress and act like whores. there is a growing population of our women who consider themselves straight but have homosexual intercourse.
Men are choosing to have long hair (longer and more braided than women's), to not work or be underemployed, hang out and father children they have no interest in while moving to the next woman to do the same (these women always know about the other kids he is not taking care of). These men who are "losers" normally have a woman (mom or mate) take care of everything that he should be doing himself. Rarely do decent men allow loser sons to stay home. They refuse college, trade schools or small businesses unless they are narcotics, rims, cell phones or boot leg products.
Our men pass up many opportunities for legitimate success and are turning to rapping, comedy, sports and street vices. Successful men who need a mate to compliment either choose a low life women who takes them to the cleaners or they are choosing to be single, marry white or others.
Sorry for ranting but these are just some of my jumbled thoughts, any responses?


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