Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks Stephen B!

Did you ever notice that when Police Kill a Black Offender it's all over the news, and the Offender is painted as an altar boy? Before 2007 is over there will be over 200 Black men killed by other Black men this year. You don't see the Black Reverends and the Sellout columnist writing about that with the same passion as when a Police Officer justifiably shoots a Black Offender. Is Sharpton or Jesse going to march for this Brother that was gunned down? I'm sure they'll be ready after the next Police shooting.

Honor Roll Student Killed
Seriously. A real one:

A University of Chicago graduate student from Senegal walking to his off-campus apartment was shot and killed overnight in what officials said was one of several violent incidents in the area.

Police increased campus patrols after Amadou Cisse, 28, was fatally shot in the chest around 1:30 a.m. on the street outside his home in the 6100 block of South Ellis Avenue, school officials said.

U. of C. President Robert Zimmer said in a statement that there were two other incidents on or near campus early this morning in addition to the fatal shooting.
This guy came from Senegal to attend high school in Oklahoma, then gets to go to the University of Chicago - one of the top universities in the world; home to more Nobel prize winners than just about anywhere. You don't get many idiots who end up at the U of C. Yes, it's in Hyde Park, home to come of the most annoying Chicagoans ever, but people who graduate from the U of C end up changing the world. This guy had just defended his doctoral dissertation on atomic oxygen erosion which is way beyond anything we have even a passing interest in.

And somewhere in a space of a few hours that included a staff member chased and shot at by someone and two women being stuck up nearby, this guy who made it all the way to a doctorate from the University of Chicago and ends up dead in our fair city.

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