Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ladies..... Please Join Me in Supporting My Sistah.. Wendy Manning.....


What a difference feminine leadership can make.

Do you every look around your spheres of influence (your self, work, home, community, black culture) and imagine things being different? Do you every wonder how you can have more of an impact? One sure fire way that I know is to lead. For me leadership means living into the definition of power getting work done. How do I get work done? What tools do I use?

Each of us knows that we have unique gifts and talents and most of us have the desire to use them. All of us need reminders of the fact of our giftedness and the commitment to use them in the service of what matters most to us.

Women, let's join together for a collective remembering of our unique gifts and the clear need for our leadership in our lives and commit to getting the work of our hearts done!

Join me, program director for the Society of Femininity in Action for a day of exploration, fun, sisterhood, recommitment, and improving our partnership with men Saturday, November 10th from 8am-7pm.

Wendy Manning

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