Friday, November 30, 2007

Stephen B, Mia is Responding to You....

I don't believe that there is a serial killer over there, I believe that both of
the victims knew their killers. The pregnant woman I don't believe was into
however I think that she was into doing things that would land her some
financial gain and she simply was dealing with the wrong nut ball of a person. I
do believe that
the second victim had dealings with drugs or possibly a lady of the night..I
learned through my Criminal justice study that a large percentage of victims
such as these know their attacker. What makes me feel this way about the second
lady is that I never heard anything else about her after they discovered who she
was and all that. They gave
a whole history almost on the pregnant victim. Whatever the case is those ladies
did not deserve to be burned and murdered the way they were. I live fairly close
to the
area where the second victim was killed and I am always cautious and alert when
I leave home and return no matter what time of the day it is, and I advise all
to be on the alert period, where ever you are..


Officer Boyd said...

Very good Mia. But one cannot discount the possibility that the pregnant woman was involved with drugs or money. You have to look at it from all angles. Most likely there was some sort of relationship with her killer. Most "nutballs" don't kill like that. They shoot and disappear. Only a person with great anger/passion kills in that fashion, and often times to send a message to others not to cross them.

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