Thursday, November 29, 2007

The posting concerning the burning of Black women's bodies is not totally accurate.

I recall last week, the two young ladies murdered here in Chicago. Their bodies were in close proximity both ladies were found burned. So you believe this is Drug related?????? Thank you sweetie!

There are many folks that play pranks on the internet. These pranks come in the form of chain Emails that people forward to each other. Your posting concerning "situations going on against Black females" is false. There are several different versions of the Black women/gang initiation story going around. If Black women are being murdered on the east coast, why is the Email from a Police Officer in Houston? I have never seen gang initiation to include murder. New gang members are beaten in. Women gang members can be beaten in or sexed in.

The posting concerning the burning of Black women's bodies is not totally accurate. The bodies were found in different areas, and none of them were found in Washington park. Drug dealers occasionally murder people that owe them money. People that have stolen from them are usually murdered and then burned, as a message to others.


MG Gang
There is an e-mail going around about a Hispanic gang called MG. The e-mail describes the gang as being required to assault African-American women in the parking lots of shopping centers as a part of initiation. This e-mail is an urban legend and is not true.
Another variation of this urban legend can be viewed at, a site that specializes in urban legends.


Officer Boyd said...

You don't believe they were drug related???? Why not?? All of the signs point to that sort of crime.


Anonymous said...

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