Friday, November 16, 2007

Patrice, I wanted your help to stop Josiah, but you ignored me

I guess he just finally got tired of the all the B.S. from Sisters. He's in the philipines now meeting women that want to also meet him.


Whats up Steve. It looks like you just sent a message. It must be about 10:30pm there, here it is about 12:30 just after noon. I'm still in Cebu, but I leave for Koronodal in the morning. Its 80 degrees and I'm in sandals and a t shirt. So far Steve, my trip has been worth every nickel and I am hoping that I will enjoy Koronodal as much as Cebu. I really should have done this 10 years ago! I don't think I can do crazy women any more - I don't want to even think about 'em. Well let me get back to my fantasy... I know eventually I will have to go back to Chicago and reality. I have a lot to tell you!

Big Jo

Stephen B. I did not ignore you, we kept going on,and on about that. It's the choices. Joe has to do what works for him, and I truly wish him well. I hope the both of you find the person God has for you. Go for it Joe!


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