Friday, September 28, 2007

Stephen's Observation on Black Women

I'm not writing a book on "bad" women. I'm writing a book that discusses the behaviors that many Black women display. Black men talk about these strange behaviors in secret, and rarely if ever challenge them on a large scale. My goal is to expose, discuss, and address these behaviors. I hope to let decent Black men everywhere know that even though they are commonly overlooked by their Sisters, to continue being real men, even though many Sisters reward the sellout/thug brothers. Many Sisters have a twisted value system that rewards thugs and labels good brothers as boring or predictable. That's sick. You said:

"thugs have shown a stronger presence than the good guys. Good guys need to step up to the plate and show women that they can be as daring, risk taking and forceful as the thugs and still remain a good guy, rather than being the laid-back, predictable type they are seen to be."

Let's examine that bizarre statement. Thugs show a stronger presence? So strength is possibly being a criminal, cheating on your woman, abusing your woman, or making babies without taking care of them? Crazy. So it's not enough that we're good men, don't cheat, and treat our woman like queens? We have to also be forceful daring risk takers? So I guess we should take up sky-diving now too? Why is the laundry list for what Black women "need" so long and demanding? Why is ours so short and flexible? It's impossible for a good Black man to be a "thug". Good Black men know that "thugs" aren't real men.
You also said:

"I know you have some women who seem never satisfied; always wanting more, but that craving they have for more could be to fill an emptiness that they feel. Brothers who come across such women need to equip themselves with the right tools needed to uproot that yearning and bring them to that level of fulfilment."

Ok. Let me get this straight, we have to be good guys (with a little thug in us) who are forceful daring risk takers that can step up to the plate in order to equip ourselves with the tools to uproot a Sister's yearning and bring them to their level of fulfilment?

That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. What is it that the Black woman will do? What is she responsible for? Anything? Why does she need us to do all of that for her? If she has issues like that, then she needs to go see a psychologist immediately.

I do feel that the majority of Sisters suffer from ABS (Angry Blackwomen syndrome), in addition to problems of self esteem. But as Black men, we are told that everything wrong with them is our fault.



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