Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The only thing that has bothered me is my face the adult acne at one point it
was crazy but it seems to be under control now.
I feel fairly good about my body, my mid section is not the best or like it use
to be but its ok. I am very comfortable in my body
and I like it. I like my skin and thats important we should know all about our
selves from head to toe and love our bodies from head
to toe no matter what the problem is or isn't. Now as you know I kickbox and
that has helped me to stay somewhat youthful and mentally
stable. The body changes every five tears gravity has its way more and more as
we get older, I think exercise is so important in prolonging
gravity from being cruel :-) Water, proper rest no drinking well not heavily and
no smoking lots of praying/spirituality fruits and vegetables oh and of
course some good loving and you can be alright...I read where some one mention
the menstrual thing yes god wanted us to have a period he made us
to reproduce and having a menstrual is part of the reproduction thing. I see a
commercial about birth control and its saying that you may have 4 periods
a year, I was like uh no thats not good we are suppose to have a period atleast
once a month, I know it sounds good not having one, but its just and scary
to go against god's nature and the older I get the more I understand that..So
thats my 2 cents...

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