Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Admire a Sistah Who Would Rather Hold Out For One of Those Endangered Species Male


I have a friend who preferred a brotha. The one she was with for ten (10) years chose to abandon her for a lighter complexioned female (Creole) from Louisiana whom he married after only a few months, and bought a house in Beverly with all the amenities. However, I admire a sistah who would rather hold out for one of those endangered species males. Frankly, a significant segment of the eligible ones (relatively educated, decent employment, nice appearance, etc.) are opting to marry anything but a sistah. Personally, and this is my recent approach to our dilemma, I think any male that is of color (which definitely disqualifies white males) would be suitable for a Black woman if she is tired to holding out. Of course he would have to come with ethnically sensitive credentials. Furthermore, this would also disqualify some of the brothas who have a mentality that also nullifies their suitability as well, and specifically the reason why they are not marrying those of the same phenotype.

Tired of holding out, the friend mentioned above opted to marry a Mayan from Belize. (She is originally from Trinidad.) Last but not least, one from her husband's inner circle, formerly presumed her friend as well, mistakenly questioned an associate/friend of her husband as to why he chose someone so dark for a wife. This individual is BLACK!!

Good day and good luck!!

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