Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Absolutely Love Your Response Anonymous.....

Below, Anonymous responds to "For the Brothers, Help Us to Understand"... Awesome!!!!! WHO ARE YOU?????? Chuckle... Thanks,Cheech.......

Anonymous left a comment : "For the Brothers.....Help Us to ( Understand....)...": First let me say I resent the fact that the black man is being refered to as an endangered species. There are millions of strong, intellegent black men available and praying for a good black woman. Love comes from GOD. The bible says ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be open. We all make the mistake of placing things or people before christ. The truth is once our vertical line is straight the blessings will come down. I believe you are on the right track by listening. We have to listen to each other and accept one another for who we are. I encourage my sistahs to hold on to GOD's unchanging hand and he will deliver.

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E said...

To Anonymous, I love the comment about ask and you shall receive, I am a single male and will be turning 40 this november, still not married and no children. You mention seek and you shall find, and trust in God, as a male I do all these things, but sometimes Ii get the impression that most Black women are very causious and often picky when it comes to giveing a Black male a chance, I Look at myself and say I have all the qualities of a good Black male, but when I see my sistas with a men they appear to be totally opposite of what they are saying they want and need. I often make judgements and say how can a sista that great can be with a loser, I am not sure if Black women are looking for a christian man, and a good provider or is it a type of style of a man in other words his character. (example, thug versus no thug)
I often get the Impression that most Black women Standards are just to High in what they are looking for in a black male. I am sure that many single Black women rigt now either work or have contact with a Good Black man, but just doesnt pay him any attention.

LOL, to all please share your thoughts and give advice.

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