Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anonymous: They Like You...

E has left a new comment on your post "I Absolutely Love Your Response Anonymous.....":

To Anonymous, I love the comment about ask and you shall receive. I am a single male and will be turning 40 this November, still not married and no children. You mention seek and you shall find, and trust in God, as a male I do all these things, but sometimes I get the impression that most Black women are very cautious and often picky when it comes to giving a Black male a chance. I Look at myself and say I have all the qualities of a good Black male, but when I see my sistas with a man they appear to be totally opposite of what they are saying they want and need;I often make judgments and say how can a sista that great be with a loser? I am not sure if Black women are looking for a Christian man, and a good provider or is it a type of style of a man in other words his character. (Example, thug versus no thug)
I often get the Impression that most Black women standards are just too high in what they are looking for in a black male. I am sure that many single Black women right now either work or have contact with a Good Black man, but just don’t pay him any attention.

LOL, to all please share your thoughts and give advice.

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